First Valley Adventures

The weekend was extra long, and we had our first overnight visitor...Ryan, Ben's buddy!  The weather took a heat dive all weekend as well, so it was perfect for some hiking.  Our first hike was Camelback Mountain.
  • Echo Canyon trail
  • 2.4 miles round trip
  • I forgot my Garmin so I estimate 2 hours
  • Temperature:  mid /low 80s
  • 1280 foot elevation gain
It was kind of a climbing hike rather than a groomed trail which made it fun, though you could never ever run it. There were people carrying their dogs at some points because of the terrain.  It's fun but just over a mile, so it's perfect.
I am having a hard time figuring out north/south/east/west.  I think I know freeways by now, and some cities in location to each other, but I couldn't tell you directions from the top of this mountain.  Utah was so easy to keep it all straight.  There are lots of random mountainous areas here that confuse me.
The next hike Ben and I did was Pinnacle Peak.  Online it said runners like to do this one, so we thought we'd hike it to scout it out.  You essentially hike up and over the mountain and then back up and over it again to get back.  The trail was well maintained, so I can see us giving the trail running thing a shot.
  • 3.6 miles round trip
  • 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Upper 80s/ low 90s
  • Elevation gain is not very much...maybe 500-600?  But you hike it twice.
A crazy lesson in Saguaro Cactus growth.  It takes five years to reach two inches tall!!  30 years to reach two feet!  So forth.  Pretty incredible.  There are so many gigantic ones and moving here has given me an appreciation for them.  I like them.
Turns out if you put ice in your Camelbak, it stays cold for hours...much longer than my hydration belt does. Maybe I need to try some long runs with my Camelbak?
Lots of monstrous houses up there.  We wanted to hike down and jump in the pool.

I have gotten out of practice of shopping after living in a small town.  I love shopping, but I still think I'll avoid it because I get faced with hard decisions.  lol
I bought the pink Jessica Simpsons since I recently got another pair of runners.  I'll probably go back and get these GT-2160s soon since I ran Salt Lake in the 2170s and liked them.  They are only $60!

We (Ben, Ryan, yours truly) are sunburned.  We are the white ones around here.  The newbies.

You can live anywhere and do this, which is why you should!  Starts Friday which means I will be posting everyday if I am 100% Juneathon successful.  I guess I better learn how to be all fancy and post from my phone.

Have a wonderful week!  It is awesome it's almost humpday already.


  1. Those hikes are no joke!! Love the pic where the person carries the dog! Makes me laugh :)

  2. camelback was so hard i didnt know it was so climbing like haha but it was fun! and i totally agree with the directions there, i am always so lost! looks like you guys are loving it!

  3. What an awesome hike. I hiked camelback when I was in high-school, and it was hard then, so I'm sure it'd pretty much kill me now! HA. =)
    Kristina J.