First day of work, had to take a picture!  Seems to be going alright, hallelujah.  I think I was more stressed than he was.  I'm really proud of my husband.

This place is starting to feel kind of like HOME.  Pictures to come when I unpack.  Ben already did, but I just get overwhelmed and end up sitting there thinking about unpacking.
Monday night we went on an exploratory run and there was a trail right next to our place.  3 mile runs in the heat feel like 15 miles in the cool.  I can't believe I ran a marathon a month ago.  What happened?!  100+ degrees, that's what [I keep telling myself].

Ben has a list of local Crossfits he wants to shop.  Monday it was squatting, my favorite (sarcasm).  Well squatting and running, but I can't run in my Nike Frees, so I rowed.
Tuesday at a different CF we did Baseline (500m row, 40 air squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, 10 pull ups).  Ben is having them think he's a newby.  He wants a Crossfit that cares to teach and keep up on your form rather than feed you to the wolves (basically like they did in our last town, lol).

Speaking of Thatcher, my last time running there I took this picture (highschool track).  The mountains are pretty there.  That is Mt. Graham...maybe.
June is one of the more hot months around here (like well over 100), and slow on the racing front, but there is the treadmill.  I'm looking at doing Juneathon anyways.  I need motivation for a hot summer of running.

Run everyday, blog everyday, and log everyday.  You can do some other form of exercise if needed (like...Sunday walks, or spin, etc.).  I think the hardest part would be BLOGGING EVERYDAY.  I keep up on the blog, but nowhere near daily.  I think it could get stale (like this post), but I'm still thinking about it and I think you all should too.  =)

"Juneathon is an annual festival of activity and excuses. Are you hardcore enough to run and blog every day?"

I don't know.  Are you?

First time on a treadmill this summer and it was good!  I enjoyed it and did some hill intervals.  The shins are silent right now, so the worst part was the guy next to me with his long stride who was doing the splits in between each step, and pounding the treadmill that it shook mine more than I did.  Some people have all the luck in not getting stress fractures (. . .or snapped tibias).
While square pictures crop a lot of the goodness out, I do enjoy how large they appear on here.  This is a Curve Slat treadmill that was at one Crossfit.  I don't know anything about them but they look weird.
That's all.  We aren't quite settled but this weekend is a holiday weekend and we will accomplish much settling and exploring.  Have a great weekend!!  One week and one day until Juneathon. . .


  1. No stress fracture for me!!! WHOOTY WHOOT!!!! I still can't run but I'm totally in for Juneathon!! I just signed up and blogged about it!!!! YAY us for getting in kick butt shape in JUNE!!!! I'm really tempted to go over to the cross fit gym but my hubby thinks those people are crazy and might be in a cult!! LOL!!!

  2. Hi there!! No summer series for me this year. Scheduling issues will cause me to miss the east valley ones (where I live) and the west valley ones are soooooo far!! :-) They are super fun though.

  3. This Crossfit thing sounds pretty neat. I need to look and see if it's offered somewhere around here..... I am also seriously considering the Juneathon, I probably will not run everyday but, then again who knows I might... I will at least cycle and lift weights on the days I can't get in a run.

  4. Interesting curve treadmill! Never saw that before! I like that you took a picture of Ben on his 1st day, it reminds me of taking pictures when you bring your child to school the first day :)

  5. Girl those treadmills are HARD! Get on it but set it low. I bet you will feel like you hardly ran!! HARD!

  6. OH, I have heard that curved treadmill is hurts like hell. Yes, I've heard you bearly do a mile and your dying. Try it and let me know how it goes:) I'm curious!!!!