Moving V.0.3.2012

This is where I'm writing this post from...
Our camping bed.  We moved!  Mostly.  It has been some busy days, but we are back in Thatcher until Friday morning.

In regards to our bed picture above, since our safe bed has been relocated, we created a safety zone with that sticky side up duct tape.  We found a few scorpions in this room upon move out, and this morning we woke up to one chillin' on the floor by the radio.  Safety first.
So we packed up our truck Monday, and drove it to our new place Tuesday to unload (almost four hours away).  Nate and Ben did 25 loads on the elevator, in 3-1/2 hours, in 100+ heat.  THANK YOU NATE.  We couldn't have done this without him.  And thank you to my superman sweetheart who can do anything.  I love you!
I lost some faith in mankind when our neighbor backed into our Uhaul as we were loading it.

Neighbor:  Sorry.  I didn't see it.
Ben:  Well uh... it's kind of a big truck to not...uh...see...

No damage on our end.  Carry on.

Becky and the girls stopped by and we walked to the Hawaiian Ice Shack, a convenient block away.  They all chose blue bubblegum... (I LOVE Mallory's pic)
Ben's buddy also stopped by and had his pups.  Meet the pregnant Fudge, and lil Gator.  Random maybe, but they were cute I had to get out my camera.  Dogs are hard to photograph.
Here are a couple pictures of the new place.  I charged my camera and then proceeded to leave it behind, but we were pretty busy for the few hours we were there.  We are SO excited to go back.  And we want you to come visit!!  We are 3+ hours closer to SLC driving, and 20 minutes from the airport...just sayin'.
The view from our bedroom...the lap pool!!  I think it's pretty cool.
I didn't take many more pictures.  But one thing I'm excited for is the fitness room with treadmills!!  When it's 105 at night this summer, I think I'll be hitting the treadmill.  Thatcher was nice since it got a lot of fun monsoon storms that cool the evenings down in summer, but I don't know if Phoenix gets many?

We swung by the running store so I could get some new kicks!  My GT-2170s are pushing 400 miles and I had a rough week running (400m slow jogs on grass with 400m rest...because of my shins).  I went in thinking about Brooks Adrenalines or Mizuno Wave Inspire 8s, but ended up with the Asics Gel 3030 after getting re-analyzed.  I overpronate but also have a funky kick back after I release from the ground.  I need help.  lol  I need a coach.

Please new shoes, make my shins happy once again, preferably also when I run fast.  Running slow is getting old.  But I'd rather run slow than not at all.  (They don't come in pink.  I asked.)
That is all for now.  Have a HAPPY....Wednesday!!!  My days are so messed up.  G'night friends and family.  =)


  1. Awesome pictures! I was laughing for different reasons at almost all of them! The cute blue girls, the dogs and the neighbor hitting the truck. Really?? :)

    LOVE the house, you will have a great time there :)

  2. Great pictures! Sounds like you guys are definitely having fun moving. I am still SO glad we don't have scorpions where I live, I can deal with spiders. They are so much smaller! Your new place looks gorgeous, I am envious of the pool and fitness room!

  3. YAY!!!! for new running shoes!!! I'm not surprised you over pronate. I think that's where out problems with the shins stem from! I LOVE your new place. It;s so modern and colorful! THe lap pool is awesome and you have treadmills???? SCORE!!!!!! the whole situation with the scorpions totally freaksk me out and cannot believe they are that abundant there! YUCK. it's awful! I am hoping to start running again in 2 weeks. taking it slow to start. I think I got too greedy at the end there and over did it!

  4. Love your shoe collection and your shoe closet. And yay for new running kicks. I don't know what I would do if I have scorpions in my house. Love your new place. It looks very colorful and the pool is very inviting.

  5. Your new place looks great! I hope your new shoes help your shins feel better.

  6. How cow that is some shoe collection.
    Your complex looks really nice and the lap pool is awesome. With my hurt hamstring I've been in the pool more and would love something like a lap pool.