We're moved, a "race," and so forth...

Goodbye house in Thatcher!:
You were a nice place for us to spend the last seven months.  We have great memories here that we will look upon with smiles.  (My tripod was packed.)
The race:
We ran the Phoenix Foam Fest 5k after winning free entries for us both on a runner's blog!  I would link back to awesome said runner's blog if my race review was positive.)  
Anyways, it was the worst race we've done, and we've run some rinky dink 5ks.  I don't think they did any homework before putting on this event.

This is why:
  • It was just over 2 miles and not a 5k.
  • The aid stations were out of water and deserted of people.  It was in the 90s.
  • No inflatable obstacle was inflated.  They were like 35% inflated, so we all went around them.
  • The first foam obstacle was dried up, no foam, and just machinery sitting there with no people.
  • The "giant slip 'n slide" was dry with dried sand covering its surface.
  • The only muddy location was at the end and when we got there it was all closed down too.  Out of water.
  • Out of drinking water after the finish.
  • No timing or clock.
  • Only 8ish out of the "30" obstacles advertised.
  • Lastly and oddly, upset runners voiced their opinions on 5k FoamFest's Facebook page.  FoamFest erased all the complaints about the race (maybe 50+ comments that I saw) which left the positive comments only...none.  They must have monitored Facebook because they kept erasing all the comments which made runners mad, and thus they would repost another comment.  Then FoamFest blocked anyone who posted negatively (myself included, though my comment wasn't angry because, hey, I ran for free).  If you "Liked" their page, posted negatively about the race, they erased it and made it so you couldn't write anymore comments by individually blocking people.  A few hours later I checked back, and their Facebook page, 4,000 likes and all,...gone from cyberland.
I felt bad for the people that tried to put on this event, but after their response to the frustrations of runners that paid $50 for entry, I just feel bad for the runners now.  What a bummer.
The move:
It is again strange to call somewhere new, "home."  This is probably the biggest change of the moves we've done, even more so than from Layton, Utah, to the small town in Arizona last summer.  It is an amazing area here, but there's still that looming feeling of that one last big piece of the puzzle fitting... Ben's new job!  It is a completely new job, but still the same type of position.  We decided not to transfer with the mine after Ben had this other opportunity.  Everything has happened in random ways.  We are blessed.  Tomorrow Ben starts, and he is so excited!

Here are some more pictures of our little community.  I love wandering through and taking pictures.:
I plan to utilize this place to the max.:
Perhaps this will help convince you to come visit...
CHURCH is 15 miles away!!  Holy cow.  Our ward all live around here, but there is no building to meet in, so everybody drives the 20+ minutes each week.  Our first day there was nice.  We were bombarded by sweet church members that we actually got a little overwhelmed.  Nice people!  (I think we were there two minutes before we had a records transfer sheet given to us, and now it is known that I play the piano.  They are crafty, those church people.)  =)

The weekend was putting crap away and exploring our new area.  This is fun, exciting, scary, crazy, and so forth.  Time to make some friends!
We now live next to a massive bookstore (dangerous for the wallet).  My purchase that I hear is somewhat comparable to Hunger Games?:
I think that is all for now with this crazy and unexpected life.  After two low mileage weeks for shin sakes, I hope to be able to start bringing it back now.  The Gel 3030s seem to be doing great!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week!!  Did you see the solar eclipse??


  1. Christy, I LOVE seeing all the photos of your new digs. LOOKS AWESOME! I love how modern everything looks, not to mention the pool and gym. I am so jealous!!!!
    I'm almost possitive I have a stress fracture now. I must make an appointment even though I really don't want to but honestly Christy not running for a month has been one of the hardest things i Have EVER endured! I even had to up my anti depressant! UGH!!!!!!!!
    I wish we lived closer so I could come pick your brain about what you think I should I should do , I Have NO freinds that run:( BOOOOOOO

  2. Your new place looks awesome! Man, seeing it really makes me more excited about life lol! I realize that there is life outside of Provo when reading your blog. I would love to do the Layton marathon in September!!

    My stress fracture isn't getting worse since I'm going easy on it. My foot needs a rest too so I think it's a good thing they're both happening at the same time instead of at different times which would prolong my down-time. Have you seen my latest video? It's nothing special, but I'm learning more about recording!

  3. Wow, sounds like a really bad race experience. Never heard anything like that. Good thing you didn't pay anything!

  4. You will love it, I read it in pretty much 1 day and the sequel as well. I was slightly dissapointed with the sequel but I am hoping where they left off leaves for an incredible 3rd book.

    1. I was under the impression that book #2 wasn't even out. Awesome!

  5. It sounds like a horrible race.I don't think I've ever had as bad of a race as that.

    I didn't see the eclipse but my dad did take pictures of it.