Juneathon Day 1

Run, blog, log everyday (or at least do something).  
Day 1 of 30
Distance:  3 miles
Time:  29:23
Route:  Treadmill

Last night I laid in bed and decided I didn't want to do Juneathon anymore because of my shins.  But then I thought about that is exactly why I signed up, so I'd have motivation.  My shins don't seem to mind the treadmill, so I'll just do this all on the treadmill.

THEN I went to my mailbox and was greeted by a nice surprise...
My wonderful and thoughtful friend, Hanna, sent me two pink Bic Bands because she is AWESOME!!!  My favorite color ever!  Yay.  Thank you Hanna!!!!
And proof of workout...
In separate new, my sister just got the job of Chief of Staff for the President of Disneyland.  I don't know exactly know what that is, but people seem to be making a deal of it.  So congrats to my sis.  :)


  1. Yay...so glad you get them!!! I hope hey ended up fitting okay even after the run!!! Mine never
    Move an inch. But seriously you could always shorten the black part a s
    Ofhe if needed!!!!! Happy juneathon! I'm so jealous that your running!!! I hope to be
    In the next 2 weeks. I might die soon if they don't let me:)) I know dramatic but seriosouslt!'n

  2. Yay Juneathon! And double like on the Bic bands, need to get my hands on some too. You rock Hanna :) Keep it up Christy!

  3. I'm glad your shins are ok with the treadmill! Looking forward to daily blogging! :)

    Congrats to your sis, sounds like a cool job. Do you go to Disney often? :)