Juneathon Day 10

Run, blog, log everyday (or at least do something). 
Day 10 of 30
Distance:  1.5 miles
Time:  1/2 hour-ish
Route:  Outdoor mall area
Total Juneathon running miles:  23.21
Total Juneathon walking miles:  3.06
X training:  1

We did another nice Sunday walk exploring where we live.  Juneathon is 1/3 over and I ran everyday but did walks on Sundays so far.  Even with low mileage I can feel my shins a little this weekend, so I might cross train more this week.  I have contacted a coach that perhaps can help me out.
We went to our first major league baseball game this weekend, the Diamondbacks!  It was fun.  I bought us the cheapest tickets possible and feared horrible seats, but we'd probably buy the same ones again because we liked them.  
I've only been to minor league and was blown away at the size of this place.  And a retractable roof?  I came home and watched a Youtube clip of it closing.  LOL  There is even a real organist!  I always thought Motabs organist would be my favorite job, but I think this one comes in 2nd.  I wonder if Bobby Freeman has a fan page.  haha
We saw some kid jump to catch a teeshirt and fall over the seats in front and pretty much snap his arm.  Kinda gross, poor guy.

The Diamondbacks game was fun and I think we'll be going again soon since now we are only 20 minutes away.  Definitely recommend!

Have a happy Monday.


  1. Oh right, and they won 8 to 3 thanks to a HR with the bases loaded.

  2. Good job on keep your Juneathon going! I officially ended mine today. Good luck with your coach! Sounds fun!

  3. I have had all the seats in the house.. my favorite are actually not the lower seats..

    i love night games but since we have been so many times we wanna do other things..

    have you tried HOCKEY? LOVE hockey! what other games have you been too? Ive done them all. Even the Rattlers...if they are even still here!