Juneathon Day 11

Run, blog, log everyday (or at least do something). 
Day 11 of 30
Distance:  0
Time:  45 minutes?
Route:  Boot Camp!!
Total Juneathon running miles:  23.21
Total Juneathon walking miles:  3.06
X training:  2

Holy crap, we've never been to boot camp but went tonight.  I would consider myself decently in shape, but I thought I was going to die.  1 minute burpees, 15 second rest, 1 minute hard cardio (running, etc.), 15 second rest, etc.  So I was like dead by round 4 and then Coach Curtis informed us that we were doing twenty rounds!!!  Holy fetch.  I might pass out or puke by the half way mark.

Thank goodness it was only 102 today (lol).  Curtis was mic'd and yelling the whole time, and he freely referred to us as the "newbies."  I liked having him yelling because when I was falling apart and he was coming my way I was mentally charged to be able to pretend that I was alright.  Funny how that works.

This is just a little over half the crew perhaps...
After the cardio workout we did 5 minutes of 10 seconds squat bear claw jumping jack thingys, 5 seconds rest, 10 seconds plank, 5 seconds rest, etc.  Then DONE.  Time to recover.
Ben rocked it (of course) and he enjoyed it too and we were both pretty dead.  We like the motivation of getting yelled at I guess, but Curtis was cool.  I would love to continue here.  Unfortunately it costs $200 a month and I kind of blew it and didn't buy the $20 for a month special on LivingSocial that expired today.  But I might be able to work something out to go once or twice a week or something.  =)

Meanwhile, thank goodness I didn't run beforehand because I don't know if I'd have made it.  Tomorrow is back at it.  Have a great Tuesday.  One day down!


  1. I would have loved that!!! That's it, I'm going over to crossfit wheathwr my husband likes it or not!!!! If you wanna get ripped, that's the place to be!! Great job on a kick ass workout girl!!!!!

  2. Good job!!! Wow $200/month that is expensive! But I'm sure it will be a great way to cross train your running body.