Juneathon Day 18

Run, blog, log everyday (or at least do something).
Day 18 of 30

Distance:  8 hours of walking
Time:  Oh...8 hours
Route:  Six Flags Magic Mountain
Total Juneathon running miles:  36.34
Total Juneathon walking miles:  Bazillions
X training:  2

Hi there.  Reporting from Newport Beach!  Spent the day at Magic Mountain and it was lovely.  We rode a million roller coasters and have the rebelling headaches to prove it.  :P  It was awesome.  Now it is midnight and we await pizza.  Living the healthy life.  :) 

No running today or probably tomorrow.

Did I figure out how to post a pic I hope?... Click to enlarge.  I don't know how to make it not bite size from here.


  1. Nice!!! Hope you had a blast

  2. Awesome! I have not been to Six Flags in YEARS (over Georgia of Course) lol

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun - I'm soo scared of roller coasters! :)