Juneathon Day 20

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Day 20 of 30

Distance:  3.1 miles
Time:  30:13
Route:  Beach day!
Total Juneathon running miles:  39.41
X training:  2

Today we spent the day at Newport Beach and are fried to prove it! Then this evening my sister, brother D and I went jogging down the pier and boardwalk. We did a 5k to see how running here will feel at our race this weekend. It was an easy run! I guess training in the heat DOES help (plus the elevation difference). I couldn't believe I wasn't sweating afterwards when lately back home I'm sweating bullets during my warm up.

I'm excited to see how we all do: Dallin, dad, Benny, Jolie, me and James if runs. He's still been out with injury. Happy Thursday!


  1. Awesome!!! Good luck!! Can't wotto see the recap!

  2. I recently read that training in the heat indeed makes you faster, since it trains the body to be more efficient. Good luck this weekend!! Hope your shins are feeling better.