Juneathon Day 23 - Race Day

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Day 23 of 30

Distance:  6.36 miles
Time:  51:35
Route:  Villa Park CA 10k
Total Juneathon running miles:  45.77
X training:  2

The race this morning went really well! I didn't know how I would do since most of my running lately has been slow and in 100+ temps. 

I came in at 51:35 for 1st in my age group and a PR with an average 8:05 pace (ish). My last full mile was even my strongest at a 7:50, and I still was able to kick it at the finish! :)

Ben came in 1st in his age group too!, and Dallin came in 2nd in his and 8th overall. My dad rocked it with 9:00ish miles, and so did my sis. James was the photog.

Great day for a family race, and very organized race as well. Pictures/ recap to come soon.


  1. Omg!!! Awesome!!! You rock!!!!!! I am so eager to get back out there!!!!

  2. Awesome time Christy really!!!!

  3. YEAH Congrats!!! LOVE the medals!! Did you get my email respond? For some reason my Outlook is going crazy.

  4. Wow great job!! You guys both did an awesome job :)