Juneathon Day 4 (Plus Lifeathon)

Run, blog, log everyday (or at least do something). 
Day 4 of 30
Distance:  3 miles
Time: 29:49
Route:  Treadmill
Total Juneathon running miles:  9
Total Juneathon walking miles:  1.56

A friend of a friend mentioned always wearing compression sleeves when dealing with shin troubles, so I've been wearing them on all my treadmill runs lately.  The nice thing about the sleeves vs. socks is during recovery I can cool down with my shoes/socks off, while still getting compression at the most crucial time.  Perfect when it's in the 100s out.
We've lived here for two weeks and still think it was a good decision.  We love this area!!  We are so excited to be living here.  Ben had a good couple of first weeks.  Yay.

Interior shots:
Visitors get to choose from two locations to sleep:  1. Right here on a blow up mattress, 2. [On a blow up mattress] in the guest bedroom that has been kind of taken over by our shoes.  :)  I know which I'd choose.
The view of where I spend my days AutoCAD-ing.
The view of where you could spend your days visiting.  :)
The view from our master bedroom...
 The view looking down out of our master bedroom at our screen that fell out...apparently.
A view of us going out.  I got my velcro curlers out for the first time in a year.  I missed getting ready.  lol  Poor Ben married a giant bum.  (No it's not black, it's plum.)
I heard a saying once (last week), "A woman marries a man hoping he'll change, but he doesn't.  A man marries a women hoping she won't change, but she does."  Haha.

Anyways, on the reading front, I finished Divergent about a week ago and I enjoyed it more than Hunger Games.  Perhaps it was because I liked the characters more, especially Four, and the story had a good enough ending while leaving it open for another book.  Hunger Games almost felt like a single book that the author then decided to continue on to a trilogy after the fact (though I did really like Hunger Games).
Now onto Insurgent.  But I have to buy it first.  I hear the third book will be called Detergent??  lol  But currently reading The Good Guy by the goober Dean Koontz, since I bought a million of his books on Ebay for like $15 a few years back.  I'm easy to please.
That is all.  Happy Monday!


  1. It looks like you guys got a lot organized in your home already.

  2. WOW, that is a shoe room indeed. I love how organized it is. You sort them after color and size!! :)

  3. So how do you like your new condo compared to your old house in Thatcher? It looks pretty cozy and nice. You have a great view too! :) I'm excited to visit you in the fall - is that a good time? XO

  4. It looks like you're all settled in now? How is your new place compared to your house in Thatcher? You have a great view there! When can I come and visit this fall? XO

  5. Love the shots of the new house!! Love the shoe room. You so crack me up!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  6. You unpack quick. I still have some boxes from moving 2 years ago.
    If you decide to go to a PT for your shins I know of a great one. She's a runner herself and a running PT specialist. She is down in Ahwatukee so it's a trek but she's worth it.