Juneathon Day 8

Run, blog, log everyday (or at least do something). 
Day 8 of 30
Distance:  2 miles
Time:  18:48
Route:  Treadmill
Total Juneathon running miles:  20.21
Total Juneathon walking miles:  1.56
X training:  1
I didn't really feel like running this afternoon, so I just put in a whopping two and called it good.  And I don't feel like blogging about it either, so I'm going to go shower and get ready to go out because it's Friday.

In separate news, this is my Miniature Italian Greyhound, Rykar...
 The end.  Have a great, great Friday night!!


  1. Great job mama!!! Your little greyhound is ao flippin cute!!!

  2. 2 is better than nothing. Hope you had a great friday night!