Juneathon Day 9

Run, blog, log everyday (or at least do something). 
Day 9 of 30
Distance:  3 miles
Time:  30:02
Route:  Treadmill
Total Juneathon running miles:  23.21
Total Juneathon walking miles:  1.56
X training:  1

It's been a hard weekend for workout motivation.  Today I didn't have much and I'm just feeling tired (probably because I'm still pretty sore from Tuesday's WOD).

Thank goodness for Juneathon on days like these when I know I would have opted for a complete rest day.  They were setting up a pool party while I was running too.  Might have to check it out here when I have enough energy to get off my booter, and after Ben finishes this movie.  We're a lively bunch.  :)

Happy Saturday!


  1. I hear you, if it wouldn't be the running streak, I would have had many more rest days. Ice on your legs? Knees or shins bothering you?

  2. NIce job! Your pool looks heavenly!!!! I'm going to look into cross fit

  3. I love the edamame ice packs! Haha! XO