Race Day - Villa Park 10k

**I've been hearing the fires are still getting even worse, and so many are losing everything they have to them.  Please pray for those in Colorado and Utah.  Please be safe everyone!**

We ran a race on our family vacation!  My family has become kind of obsessed since the whole SLC marathon which is sweet until they started beating me by embarrassing amounts.  Where is the courtesy???
Race: Villa Park Run 5k, 10k or progressive marathon
Location: Villa Park, CA
Date: Saturday, June 23rd @ 7:30am
Distance: 10k:  6.2 miles (We had four Garmins reading 6.36 miles actual)
Total runners:  200 10kers and 550 5kers

Goal:  PR
Time:  51:35
Age group placement:  1st / 13
Gender placement:  10th / 103 
Overall placement: 48th / 193
Average Bib Pace (based on 6.2 miles):  8:19
Garmin average pace:  8:06

Goal:  No goal.  He's run a few time since SL.
Time:  45:18
Age group placement:  1st / 10
Gender placement:  14th / 90
Overall placement:  16th / 193
Average Bib Pace:  7:17
Garmin Average Pace:  7:07

Dallin- 6th overall, 42:57, 6:55 average pace, 6:45 Garmin pace, 2nd in AG

Dad- didn't have his Garmin, 54:21, 8:45 pace.  Pretty freaking good!

Jolie- 1:01:45 even with porta potty battles, 9:57 average!

James-  Injured thus the photographer!  382 pictures...boom!
The pros (at least read the last one):
  • Simple and well marked course 
  • Lots of friendly volunteers and water 
  • Lots of officers on block corners and cross roads 
  • Roads were closed to traffic 
  • Massage booths 
  • Tee shirts weren't cotton 
  • Chip timed 
  • Start line was divided by pace times 
  • PERFECT weather 
  • Finishing medals for ALL, and extra medals for placing 
  • Double loop for 10kers which I liked knowing the route for the second half 
  • There was a cute pony

  • Weaving at the end of the 10k to pass the slower 5kers and stroller pushers

So the race started and I kept checking my pace and it was all over the place and I couldn't get settled in and was so confused.  About 1/2 mile in...oh gee...my Garmin still reads 0.00.  Nooooo.  So I started my watch late and hit my lap button as I crossed the first 5k.  According to chip timing, I ran a quicker second 5k.  =]

Ben's splits.  He is amazing with negative splits.  I guess he has mastered hills.
 The start and finish were at the same location, but you can see where my error occurred.  :/  Blast.
My family passing the 5k mark!. . . plus cow.
I think everyone PR'd since 10k races seem rarer to find and I'm not sure my sibs have run one??  I PR'd by 1:28 even on the slightly long course so I'm happy.  I wish I knew my exact 10k Garmin time just for kicks.  It probably was close to my 2012 goal of sub 50?

I made leaderboard on their website.  :D  Barely.  Maria beat me by an effing second.
Coming in for the finish!!

That was so much fun.  When is the next one?

Happy Wednesday night!  Be safe!!


  1. I am so envious of how active you are - I'm sure that it took you a while to get there.. but still ;)
    That is so awesome that your family is in to running also! I might be a little more inclined to really get out and try if my family did more than sit on their butts. Hah!
    Love the pictures, and I love your pink race outfit - oh and the pony of course :D

  2. I love that you do races together with your family, looks like a tons of fun. Plus you guys are fast!!! Congrats!!

  3. Love it that your family race together! How cool is that?
    You all must have inherited the "fast gene!"

    The photographer did a wonderful job with the pictures!

  4. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!! I love all your photos!! You always get the best ones!!!! NICE time too!!!! Killin it as usual!!!!! Only 2 more weeks in my boot and we're praying leg isn;t still broken:)

  5. This is so awesome that you can a race with your entire family! I enjoy reading about your Juneathon! It is very motivating!

  6. Girl i totally want to see your all your medals!!!! Congrats!! Awesome..
    So are you hurting from running? I hope not that would suck!!!!
    Take care of yourself ..dont you have races coming up??

  7. Families that run together, stay together. Tho not when PR's are at stake apparently!