Happy Birthday Ben!!

Happy Birthday sweetheart!!

We planned a weekend up in Flagstaff for Ben's birthday!  One of the fun things about living in Phoenix is Flagstaff is just two hours away and the temperatures drop 20-30 degrees.  Then a monsoon storm swept through and brought the temps to the 50s at night.  Brr.
Ben's birthday Porsches.  The affordable range.
It's tradition to make the rainbow cake/cupcakes for mister Ben's birthday.  I tried to make them manlier in color this time.  They were really good!  Ben, Ryan and I ate them all and there was only one left by Ben's actual birthday, Sunday!
Check out his new cross trainers.
We've had the stomach flu floating around our house the past week-ish, so the plan was to keep this weekend low-key and Olympic filled.  Ryan, Ben's buddy, lives in Flag and we stayed with him and let him be our tour guide as usual.

We went down to Sedona and spent a few hours at the river there.  It was a first for me, and it was a pretty good time.  When Ben and Ryan get together, I just laugh non-stop.
Cream soda cooler.
The house below is in Flagstaff, and it's made of shipping containers!
Before the birthday weekend, the Porsche dealer got a Cayman R in that looked pretty close to what Ben has dreamed of, so we immediately had to take a visitation.  :]
Of course I would catch them passing the only pole on the street.
We are on day four of the Olympics (I think I logged ten hours yesterday, streaming + working).  NBC dropped the ball on their coverage and awful website/online streaming abilities which has been an unexpected source of frustration.

Yesterday we bought a month's worth of cable.
Some of my favorite or big moments:
-Ryan Lochte getting gold (and beating Michael Phelps?)!

-The US men's gymnastic's team really had a rough day and took 5th out of 8!!

-The controversy that took the Japanese men's gymnastic's team from fourth place and put them back into 2nd/silver, pushing Great Britain from silver to gold, and Ukraine no longer to receive bronze even after they had celebrated.

-Jordyn Wieber (reigning world champion in gymnastics) didn't qualify for all-around after she was beat by two of her own US teammates.

-US dive team took home silver even though not expected to medal

And a million more.  I think my favorite Olympian thus far, is Gabby Douglas.  She is ADORABLE.  So go Gabby!

It is almost August AGAIN.

It's nearing the end of July already, and I can't even understand how.  Last night Ben and I were talking about his upcoming [34th=official mid thirties] birthday and he didn't seem to realize that it's less than a week away.  "EFF.  We're running out of time.  . . .We need to get a Porsche!"  And my thoughts are the same, except we need to get a puppy.  We need to bring my puppy out here to live with us STAT.
In reality we're making plans for the future and trying to make decisions on timelines.  It's fun but kind of a stressful kind of fun.  I would like to hold the year 2012 for five or ten more years.
In fun news, we have seen lots more monsoons lately, and even haboobs, though the only haboob pictures I've seen are on the news and Facebook.  I'm still waiting to see one in person.
Below is a haboob picture.  Pronounced huh-boob [which radio DJs are thrilled about].
Between the haboobs, we are in Arizona and still get a lot of sun.  I have this application called "MyRadar" that I like to check and see when and where the storms are, and we plan our pool time accordingly (after Ben mocks me).  I always wanted to be a meteorologist and used to give the weather forecast every day for my current event in 5th grade.
The sunsets are extra pretty during monsoons.
Friday we went to see Batman.  I agreed to see the movie if Ben took me to It'sugar candy store beforehand.  It was a great movie, and Ben grinned the whole time which was cute.  I kept getting uncomfortable at the gun parts, like when Bane holds up the Stock Exchange and sprays the crowd with bullets.  Friday morning I followed the Batman shooting pretty closely, and it just kind of made the movie a little more real.  I can't stop thinking about what the victims and their families are going through, and will go through for the rest of their lives.  It's horrible.  Did that really happen?
My camera is old and fabulous.  I really like Ben's hat and we (I) got over a pound of candy.
In happy news, the Olympics opening ceremonies are Friday.  You can find a schedule at London2012.com that looks like the one below.  We'll be watching athletics, cycling-BMX, diving, gymnastics, modern pentathlon, swimming and triathlon.  We may add some beach bolleyball, cycling-track, table tennis, synchronized swimming, taekwondo, trampoline and weightlifting to the mix.  It will be a busy two weeks.
In other happy news, we haven't seen a single scorpion since moving to the city and I'm back to walking around the house barefoot.  I can't believe we lived with them like that.  That is pretty happy news.

That's all.  Have a great day!  I will be doing the same while listening to 90s on 9 again.

Can't touch this.

Disneyland & Such

Maybe it's pre-mature to diagnose my shin/leg as getting better, but really I feel like it is!  I have dedicated time every day (multiple times) to my calves and it's made a difference already in ten days!!!  Two days after a speedy track session and I'm feeling NOTHING in my shin.  I hope it continues!!
So track sessions have been a lot of fun even though they are brutal and you don't really like life at that moment (what we do for fun wheee).  Tuesday's we finished with a 12 minute tempo run while Dave (coach #2 [with bulldozers for legs]) would randomly appear behind you and say, "alright stick with me," and proceed to sprint you until a chosen time of his own, and then you settle back into tempo.  It was hard.  It was awesome.

GPS makes you look drunk.  We did some stadium runs too.
Sometimes I wish I could wear minimalist shoes so I could wear sweet shoes like these:

Anywho,. . .the main reason for this post. . .Disneyland.
So I don't think it's a secret that my family is slightly Disney obsessed.  This Disney disease especially exploded over the past many years.  Never in a million years as kids did we think Jolie would be so involved with our favorite vacation spot of many memories.  Cool.

The new Cars Land had opened a weekish before we went, and it really is neat!  We had watched CARS the movie earlier in the week, and it still was like we stepped directly into Radiator Springs. It really feels like you're at the grand canyon or something.  Just amazing!!
Jolie really doesn't like to do things VIP style.  She likes to sit back on her days off and blend in with the tourists, wait in the lines, etc., so it was kind of like pulling her leg to do some of the VIP stuff.  Us family were so totally open to VIP.  I mean. . . duh.  lol  So here we watch the parade VIP style!  And yes, I felt super important.  :]
If you've been to DL you've probably seen Fantasmic, or if you've been lately you may have seen Worlds of Color as well.  The engineers at DL are called "imagineers" and they are amazing.  You can't really explain either of the events above (least I can't), but if you go to Disneyland/California Adventures, don't leave when it gets dark. That's when amazing-ness happens!
Ben joined us in the latter part of the day- which I was beyond thrilled at!!

After Worlds of Color, Jolie took us to the Mad Hatter Tea Party, which is essentially the "clubbing" spot of Disneyland for the older ones., complete with massive stages/systems, dancing area, drink shack, and amazing atmosphere.  Even the DJ had bunny ears.  Disney goes all out.  It is very cool!
Disneyland is always fun.  We had a great time with the family!!