4th of Julizzy - 236 Years

Happy Fourth of July (yesterday)!!  Happy Birthday, America.  236 and lookin' good.  We are very thankful to live here!  It is a wonderful place.

The 4th has been an ultimate favorite holiday since forever, and it is probably the holiday that makes me most homesick for my family and all the festiveness of Utah slash Layton city.  It is a favorite thing to see all the patriotism of friends and neighbors, and watch the awesome city parade, spend money on pointless booths and awesome food, and then watch the fireworks at night with the fam!

Woke up and to our surprise it looked like THIS...
CLOUDS.  It rained a little.  It was cool enough to leave our door open and that was exciting.  It's July and usually it's too hot at night to open a window.  A perfect day to celebrate America's birthday outdoors.
We didn't do any 5ks or parades (my fail), but we did go shopping.  lol  I wore three pair of shoes this day, but here is a lovely self shot where you can see the red ones which completed the ensemble.  I had to switch it up to some wedges for rough terrain later in the day.  I'm like a child.
Went back and picked up my GT-2160s at Nordstrom Rack and can't wait to give them a try after I finish this leg healing running fast I'm on.  Not the cutest colors, but worth the $$.  

We also meandered DSW and I looked at their selection of running shoes and found my NEW model Asics on the sales rack.  Wtf!!  I don't know how the sales work at DSW, but it seemed like they had new model shoes on sale randomly so you might want to check it out.  Great steals.
The adorable, adorable husband in his festive-ness.  Anybody who knows him knows he's been saving for a Porsche for like the last 500 years.  Since we live next to the Porsche dealer, we visit it quite often and do some dreaming.  The 4th of July deemed another good opportunity to do just that.  I drooled over the X6 and Evoque.  Those are my dream vehicles, though when I'm not looking directly at them I am happy with my Honda.  But it is fun to love a car from a distance.
This is the Evoque by Land Rover.  It's pretty.
This picture brought to you by last weekend...lol
For night celebration, we went to Downtown Phoenix to the huge celebration they put on.  There were a LOT of people there and it was a pretty big thing with the most amazing display of fireworks I've ever seen, with a mind boggling finale.  (We'll pretend this fireworks pic is not from last year.)
However, the people in front of us didn't stand for the national anthem, left during the fireworks leaving their trash on the grass, and used an amazing selection of profanity in disciplining their 2-3 year olds.  That made me both sad and mad.  We shouldn't take things for granted.  Proud to be Americans!

Here are a couple of pictures from the Layton parade and my cute mom's float.  The fam is in it every year.  Kind of a tradition.  And this first picture is of her and her boyfriend, Jeff.  He is awesome!!


Last weekend we had some Thatcher guests stay from Friday-Sunday, Tan and Eric!  Tan introduced me to seaweed back in April, so naturally we all went to Costco first thing to stock up on seaweed for the weekend.  We had a lovely weekend floating the river, shopping (check out their sweet hats), eating at Scottsdale Quarter, and just hanging out.

Sorry Eric's eyes are closed.  This was picture #2...so...
It was a great weekend.  It's a great life.  Hope everybody is staying safe from fires, and had a great holiday celebration!  Happy Monday/Thursday!


  1. I saw your cute mom in the parade yesterday! Love the 4th in Layton!

  2. now that my man has a garage..aka man cave..he plans on rebuilding a porsche..He has books galore on it! He fully plans to have one...he says I get to drive it too..into and out of the garage..
    joy oh joy!

  3. oh and your mom can do a unicycle???How cool is that??!!!!

  4. Your mom is just as cute as you are! I also LOVE the red car! I could only have that in my dreams though. lol

  5. You look so happy in all those pictures!! :)