Disneyland & Such

Maybe it's pre-mature to diagnose my shin/leg as getting better, but really I feel like it is!  I have dedicated time every day (multiple times) to my calves and it's made a difference already in ten days!!!  Two days after a speedy track session and I'm feeling NOTHING in my shin.  I hope it continues!!
So track sessions have been a lot of fun even though they are brutal and you don't really like life at that moment (what we do for fun wheee).  Tuesday's we finished with a 12 minute tempo run while Dave (coach #2 [with bulldozers for legs]) would randomly appear behind you and say, "alright stick with me," and proceed to sprint you until a chosen time of his own, and then you settle back into tempo.  It was hard.  It was awesome.

GPS makes you look drunk.  We did some stadium runs too.
Sometimes I wish I could wear minimalist shoes so I could wear sweet shoes like these:

Anywho,. . .the main reason for this post. . .Disneyland.
So I don't think it's a secret that my family is slightly Disney obsessed.  This Disney disease especially exploded over the past many years.  Never in a million years as kids did we think Jolie would be so involved with our favorite vacation spot of many memories.  Cool.

The new Cars Land had opened a weekish before we went, and it really is neat!  We had watched CARS the movie earlier in the week, and it still was like we stepped directly into Radiator Springs. It really feels like you're at the grand canyon or something.  Just amazing!!
Jolie really doesn't like to do things VIP style.  She likes to sit back on her days off and blend in with the tourists, wait in the lines, etc., so it was kind of like pulling her leg to do some of the VIP stuff.  Us family were so totally open to VIP.  I mean. . . duh.  lol  So here we watch the parade VIP style!  And yes, I felt super important.  :]
If you've been to DL you've probably seen Fantasmic, or if you've been lately you may have seen Worlds of Color as well.  The engineers at DL are called "imagineers" and they are amazing.  You can't really explain either of the events above (least I can't), but if you go to Disneyland/California Adventures, don't leave when it gets dark. That's when amazing-ness happens!
Ben joined us in the latter part of the day- which I was beyond thrilled at!!

After Worlds of Color, Jolie took us to the Mad Hatter Tea Party, which is essentially the "clubbing" spot of Disneyland for the older ones., complete with massive stages/systems, dancing area, drink shack, and amazing atmosphere.  Even the DJ had bunny ears.  Disney goes all out.  It is very cool!
Disneyland is always fun.  We had a great time with the family!!



  1. My boys want to go to Disneyland so bad just for that reason...RADIATOR SPRINGS!

  2. Looks like so much fun! One day I will do the Goofy Challenge and hope to have as much fun as you did!

  3. sweet!!! love it! Great pics!

  4. Disneyland is the greatest- 2nd only to Disneyworld, of course! Both are 20 million times better than Disneyland Paris!