Juneathon Day 30 slash June Runs Away

Run, blog, log everyday (or at least do something). 
Day 30 of 30
Distance:  2.75 miles (.4 warm up, 2 miles increasing hill intervals, .35 cool down)
Time:  5 minutes warm up, 20 minutes workout, 5 minutes cool down
Route:  Treadmill

Well Juneathon is done!  It kept me motivated all month long including those days when I DIDN'T feel like doing anything which happened a lot more than I expected (maybe the heat?).  I would definitely do Juneathon again if I could adjust it to posting once a week because I would find myself dreading the blogging part.

Running count for the month:  52.87 running miles, 5 x trainings, and a million million miles of walking.

June runs away...

  • Total miles run: 52.87 miles 
  • Days run: 18
  • PR's set:  10k distance 51:35, but 8:06 pace
  • Time spent running: I'm behind on my log so I'm not sure...
  • Longest distance: 6.36 miles
  • Half+ marathons: 0 
  • Average temperature: 105ish
  • Races: 1- 10k race in California, the Villa Park Run
I went from 38 miles ahead of my year to date goal last month, to 24 miles short of my goal now.  I've decided to listen to my leg and take some time completely off running even when it'll put me further behind my goal.  Now is the time to rest.  Meanwhile I have a lot of non-running stuff I need to get on the blog now.  I am slacking.

Nice job to the Juneathoners out there, and have a LOVELY Sunday!!


  1. Congrats on finishing this challenge!!

  2. Nice Christy!!!!! I'm actually really gonna miss juneathon:(