Newport Beach Day

Wednesday, June 20th, we spent at the lovely, lovely beach.  The ocean is so pretty, but it's also a little eery when you think about it (only us Hales think about it).  It is so massive but I would still LOVE to live by it.  Arizona needs to get a warm one.
Best pedicure secret for runners...CRACKLE POLISH.  Can't even tell anything's missing.
We stayed at a beach house and it was fun because it was so unique in design.  This is my cute mom standing on the stairs to the loft.  Dallin especially loved these stairs after he slipped down them and dropped his sweet tablet that he not only babies, but cannot live a day without.  And it wouldn't turn on.  It was SAD.  Poor guy.  He handled it much better than I would have.  (Me=meltdown)
We don't drink alcohol, but we do drink Monster.  Thank you Ben for introducing them to us.  It's a good thing they are so healthy, because they are delicious too.  One of the major perks of VACATION (and weekends, holidays, rainy days, tired days, jk).
Following TWO images Photoshopped by Dallin (aka "Dillybar")...
We went running down the Boardwalk and out on the pier.  It was FABULOUS weather for running.  I forgot how it felt to not feel like I was dying during a run.  Tis what it is like living in an oven (though I do like living in the oven).
Wednesday night we did a little parent swap-a-roo at the nearby John Wayne airport.  Sad to say goodbye to the ma (hopefully see you soon!!!), but also excited to see the dad.  That is really my dad's plane landing.  I'm just an amazing photographer.  =]  lol
Family is the best.

*Good news:  Tonight my 10 day running fast comes to an end.  =D  And I've found a coach.  Hopefully she can hold in her laughter when she sees me run for the first time.  'No wonder your leg hurts.'  jk*

Happy Tuesday!  Too bad tomorrow isn't another holiday.


  1. YOur vaca looks suppurb and I'll have to remember the crackle pedicure. love these photos:)

  2. Lucky, lucky girl! I have not been to the beach in FOREVER!!!

  3. Looks like you and your family are having a good time! Your mom looks amazing. Love her arms and shoulders!

  4. These images look so fun! What an awesome vacay! =)
    Kristina J.

  5. I love both the picture with the three garmins and the one with the monster can and the rest of the picture in black/white. very cool