Six Flags Magic Mountain - "It's what fun [really] is!"

In June we went to California for family vacation, where Jolie could join us occasionally.  My dad (the vaca organizer) was back east, so my mom flew out from Sunday-Wednesday (17-20), and then my dad joined us Wednesday-Sunday (20-24).  It is nice that even though my folks are divorced, they still try to make things work for the kids (big kids, still kids).

Ben started his job in June, too, (or was it May? lol) and we didn't think it wise to ask for time off so soon.  Looking back it probably would have been fine to, but meh, you never want to feel like you're starting off on the wrong foot.  He flew out to California for Friday-Sunday!!  And because I'm the only one married in my family, I got the sweet master bedroom allllll week long.  :D  =)  :]

My family is into photography/videography/whateverography, so we always "capture the moment," at many moments in time.  It really is superb.
Monday, July 18th, we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Since the last time I was here I've injured my neck and consequently my migraines began, so I was a little worried.  lol  Plenty of headaches, but no migraines nor puking.  SUCCESS.
We are super healthy eaters and had funnel cake for dinner followed immediately by three large roller coasters.  My siblings had intense funnel cakes:  smores, strawberry something, loaded powder sugar.
They replaced this semi dinky ride that I LOVED with a Pistachio Park.  Not near as cool as the ride.  I was hoping they'd be handing out pistachios, but no.
David and Goliath.  Davidette maybe.  
GOLIATH still proves to be my favorite.  It also has the most "black out spots" of the coasters we rode.  You know, where you start getting tunnel vision and get close to passing out from all those g's.
Then you have to ride the wooden coasters even when, who are we kidding, nobody wants to.  The whole time I ride them I have visions of plummeting off the track, or a giant collapse to our death.
We may not be 12 or 13 anymore, but I think we all proved that we still can do roller coasters.  I think all week long we had an off kilter equilibrium, but I still consider it a win.  I can't wait to take Ben back and see how well HE does.  =]
Day one down.  Vacationing is the best!

Have a great 4th of July!!!  Yay.  Today is practically Friday.


  1. Awesome pictures! Your family looks like a lot of fun!!

  2. jealous..And your facial expressions on your face on the coaster are PRICELESS!