A Smorgasbord Post: Life + Universal Studios

(You're going to need caffeine for this post.)

Do you train with a heart rate monitor?  My Garmin came with one, but I've never used it.  We recently started training with Racelab, and one thing they really emphasize is knowing and training within your specific heart rate zones so you can push yourself and become a better runner, all the while being safe.  This starts out with a VO2Max test to learn about your own fitness levels.
More on how to use your heart rate monitor can be found here.
At our first track session last week, Bettina (coach) thinks my big problem is TIGHT CALVES.  The tight calf muscle pulls on the smaller and weaker shin muscle, creating the shin problem I've been dealing with for five months.  I have babied my shins.  But I haven't given enough attention to my calves.  I have also learned the term "shin splints" is used loosely.  I have learned a lot just in a short time!  I am thrilled to train with Racelab.  And I was happy to hear her prescription of leg massages. . .Ben.  =D

(This image has not been Photoshopped.)
One bad thing though, high heels make the problem worse. (inconsolable sobs).  I've read some runners say NO to high heels.  Bettina says I can wear them if I make sure to stretch upon taking them off.
For July I'll be running an easy 30 minutes every other day (Tuesday track + Thursday + Saturday).  Then we shall re-evaluate and then I'll get my schedule when my leg allows.  :D  PF Changs here I come.

First 30 minuter came out at 3.3 miles.  I ran it at 2pm because of the awesome monsoon weather, and I passed Starbucks and the line was so long that I said, "holy fetch," out loud.  Tonight I read that they were giving away drinks of some sort for a portion of Friday.  Crazy people you Starbuckers.
I'm supposed to use "the stick" on my calves but I don't even have one.  This is my stick (it works wonderfully).  It also serves as the guest bedroom lamp, so since I was in there I set up a nice background for the shot.  And foam rolling is next on the list.
This weekend were the CrossFit Games.  The 1st place winners from 2011 took it again this year, and there was a literal 'rep to rep BATTLE' between 3rd and 4th place for the women which was pretty exciting.  AND!!! The Hack's Pack UTE took 1st in the team division, and they are from SLC!

According to Wikipedia, the games started in 2007 where the winner received $500.  The next year it grew to $1500 and the following year $5000.  In 2010 it grew to $25,000, and in January 2011 Reebok became the official sponsor and the award grew to $250,000 where it remained this year.
They were quite entertaining.  But most of all, the games have me stoked for the Olympics which begin in less than 2 weeks!!!!!  Ahhhh.  How will I ever get any work done.  Should be mandatory bonus PTO for the world.

Last but not least...we skipped Lake Powell this year (sad face), but it just didn't happen probably due to our lack of putting forth the effort to properly plan ahead.  Instead we spent time enjoying gobs of amazing monsoons and freakish lightning storms (awesome!!), swimming with my in-laws in town, making the yummiest ham and bean soup for the umpteenth time (click for the recipe), and ya, missing my awesome family on the lake.

(This is kind of a 2 for 1 post.  And kind of long.  I guess you can add this to the list of what we've been doing this weekend.  And I mostly mean ME because Ben is sitting next to me watching Porsche videos.  Cute.)

Thursday, June 21st, we went to Universal Studios.  Universal is awesome in that every time you go it's a little different (unless you go super frequently I guess).  Jolie couldn't join us this day so I was outnumbered.  I'm extra sad Ben wasn't here this day because I know he really wanted to go to Universal!!
I know I'm the only one ever holding a drink, but in reality I'm the only one that requires a solid 8 hours to finish 3/4 of a soda, so it's in my hand much, much longer!!
Everywhere we went James would make Chinese friends.
[Among cultural differences,] James sitting at a table didn't necessarily mean much.  A Chinese man came by and started taking a chair away from the table, and James said, "I'm saving that chair."  The man played oblivious and said something about not understanding English, so then James said the same thing to him in Chinese to which I'm sure came as a shock.  He took the chair anyway.  LOL

AWESOME CANDY STORE.  All we ended up buying was some Duff and my favorite candy ZOTS, in like eight differently delicious flavors.  Any Simpsons fans?
We had these passes to wear around our necks so the only line we waited in was for chicken fingers.  It allowed us to do the whole park all in one day!
Plane crash scene from War of the Worlds.  It's a real plane and they bought it for I wanna say 60k.  However it took another 200k to transport it.  Incredibly cool.
Largest green screen!!  Last time I came (maybe 10+ years ago?) it was painted sky/clouds colors for the Truman Show.  On the right side of this picture (cut out of the picture), is a cabin that was in Desperate Housewives.  Unfortunately I'm waaaaay behind on that show so it didn't ring any bells.  I did take a picture of it, but it's one of many not making it on mister blog.
Below are backgrounds/cities/buildings from lots of movies.  The fun thing about the tour is they show you actual movies with these exact buildings in them, as you sit right in front of them.  It's fun to see them transform them to any city they want.
Then you see the classic flash flood.  This scene (below) was recently in a Lady Gaga music video (though I don't remember which one...Lady Gaga...meh).
We saw a couple of hot sets (below) which is always very, very cool.  I think maybe Ben and I chose the wrong profession!!!  I want a parking spot with my name on it.  And a golf cart.
I look super young (but really I'm nearing 28), but I had the job of keeping all electronics dry on the Jurassic Park ride.  Pull my leg!!  Alright I accept.  And under that is Pam's wedding dress from The Office!  My favorite show until we no longer got/get tv!
The ride above was completely over, and then there was a really loud obnoxious noise and a "what was that??" (by Homer) and then a flash.  Picture.  Haha!  Hilarious.

Vacation day four was a success!

Well we're pretty sad we missed the family this past week, and hopefully we'll get some visitors here in AZ before Christmas.  If not, we'll see you at Christmas time for sure.  Hopefully the fam party is a little closer to Christmas day this year. 

Have a great week!!


  1. HUGE Simpson's fan! I saw the Duff energy drinks in Universal Florida when I went last (they also had Flaming Moe's). Even cooler, In Italy last year they were selling actual Duff beer! I thought that was pretty sweet!

  2. I never wear high heels during marathon training, good thing I don't like them too much anyway. I'm glad to wear my flip flops or any other comfy shoes. Sounds like you are in the right hands with your coach, good job!!

  3. I never wear high heels during marathon training, good thing I don't like them too much anyway. I'm glad to wear my flip flops or any other comfy shoes. Sounds like you are in the right hands with your coach, good job!!

  4. Very interesting blog Christy! A lot about everything ;-) AND HOLY CRAP that was a HUGE box of nerds!! My 6 year old would go NUTS over that. lol. Also, before I bought my foam roller (I ordered off ebay for $20) I used a can of hairspray..... The flashlight... waaaay cooler then a can of hairspray. lol

  5. Glad that your coach is able to help you. I would be so sad to hear that high heels are a no-no, especially with your closet of shoes!
    Love all the pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast :D I hope that I can take my little man to Universal Studios one day!