Life w/a Dillybar Visit

Meet my youngest brother, Dallin. . .
Fast forward 18 years 3 months +/- and he came to visit us in the heat-of-summer, Arizona, all last week.  I sure enjoyed having him hang out around here.  It was g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s.  I think he melted numerous times including when I had the AC at 85 during the day.  Ha.  Really we turned it cooler many times (just to clear it up for any future visiting prospects out there).

School shopping at Fashion Square. . .
"What're you doing?"
"Just chillin."
We went to dinner at True Food, an organic and locally/regionally grown food restaurant, at Scottsdale Quarter, for a first time.  My tuna sashimi salad entree was five star delicious, Ben loved his bison burger, but Dil's salmon was undercooked which was kinda really lame.
Remember that sweet candy store at Universal Studios?  It'Sugar?  There is one here!  I have struck a deal with Ben that he takes me there, and then I'll go to a movie.  :]  That is a real [cool] gummybear.
Below is just outside of the theater, iPic.  If you tend to get bored in movies (what, I'm the only one??), this iPic place is lovely because the chairs are big sofa chairs, reclining, and they serve you and you have a swivel table to place your food on.  If you were to get bored, at least it's comfy bored.  :]

We saw Bourne Legacy with no boredom involved.  I even liked it more than Batman, but Batman is too fictitious [and long] I think.
I'll miss the Olympics.
We took Dil to a Diamondbacks game.  They lost by one which was intensely a bummer.

We showed up fashionably late, got super cheap scalper tickets since the game started already, and then picked the seat we wanted to sit in because it's never full in there so the choices are endless and the high seats are the best.  We chose a seat in front of the AC.  Ahhh.
This time the stadium roof was closed.  Good thing because we barely beat the haboob that was rolling across the valley.  It literally hit as we walked in the doors of the stadium.  We finally saw a haboob in person!!
One of the biggest things we miss about being in Vegas is CANE'S CHICKEN (Las Vegas Blvd, south of the 215).  I can't explain it because it looks so plain and not so awesome like it is. 

We (Ben) discovered one (freeway billboard) on the way home from the game.  These are the only fries I eat.  Everything is cooked after you order and they have a "secret sauce". . . convinced?  Really this is like breaking news.
Dallin got his wisdom teeth out today, and he starts college in <2 weeks.  The plan is to have him maybe come visit in December between semester and Christmas.  Gotta get all this time in with him before he turns 19 in January and leaves us for two years!!!


Also, the Olympics are officially over and they were spectacular!  I wish I could remember all of my favorite moments, or big moments, but there were just so many amazing ones.  I spent maybe 100 hours watching, but probably even more than that (most while working).  This was the first Olympics that Ben watched too.  Last night we watched the closing ceremonies (Spice Girls!!) and are just going to miss them.

A couple favs/big moments (I know I'm missing a million):

  • The women's US gymnastic's team taking gold and hitting their routines.

  • Mckayla Moroney nailing her vault during team finals.

  • Hours after my post about Gabby being my fav Olympian, she took the gold in the all around!!

  • Aly Raisman taking home gold on the floor, and watching her parents during her routines was a definite highlight.

  • Tirunesh Dibaba killing it on the women's 10,000m.  She also got the bronze in the 5,000m.

  • Allyson Felix getting gold in the 200m (and two more times like the 4x100m & 4x400 relays!!).  I like this lady a lot.  She definitely deserved these medals.

  • Usain Bolt is amazing.  Sometimes he drives me absolutely crazy, but sometimes I really like the guy.

  • The preliminary men's 4x400m relay where Mitchell ran the first leg and half way through broke his leg but he kept going.  I'll admit my brother and I weren't too thrilled that he was slower than the others, but it made sense afterwards and USA still easily made up the time and qualified for finals where they took silver!

  • I enjoyed the women's marathon more than the men's this Olympics because it was more of a battle at the end.  And probably because US stuck up front for a majority of it.

  • Richards-Ross taking gold for the 400m.  Did anyone notice that rock on her finger besides me...???

  • Just Michael Phelps in general.  I know he had some interesting times during the last four years, and kind of flubbed up his first race, but he pulled through to be the Phelps we all remembered.

There were numerous other moments like the women's swim team killing it, the German that backflopped his dive (oops), rythmic gymnastics, in preliminaries BMX when everybody wiped out but the first person (LOL), crazy long jumpers, pole vaulting, beach volleyball, women's volleyball taking second (HOW did that happen), women's soccer, that weird indoor track cycling where they go slow and I don't understand what's going on because I think you should be going fast, and a lot of others.  I think we watched nearly every sport.  The Olympics are amazing!!  So sad they're over.

Anyways, have a lovely week!  I'm back to the radio during the day and I'm back to 90s on 9.  I think I have replayed that "I Could Not Ask For More" song by Edwin McCain at least five times in a row.  :]

I've got all I've waited for, and I could not ask for morrrrre.


  1. I was so addicted too, they were awesome!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a blast with your brother visiting! He looks like he got too hot and just passed out on the floor in that pic up top haha. That gummy bear is huge! I wish we had a candy store like that around here.. I wish I would have been able to see more of the Olympics :( I missed the Spice Girls!

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  3. I forgot to add Pistorius to the list!! He was truly inspiring.

  4. That is great that your little brother sent a week with you. I miss hanging out with my sisters, but it might be able to go to Germany in October - yeah! Olympics were great, my favorite moment: after the women marathon when Kara carried Shalane. Loved it!