My Computer Crashed- BLECH

I learned a valuable lesson this week and it was and is to always have your computers backed up.  I always back them up, but sometimes I slack.

Wednesday I decided to re-boot my main work computer.  It is my oldest computer, but my only computer with AutoCAD on it, so it brings in the moola.  I knew its days could be numbered, but I chose to pretend like it would last forever.
It wouldn't boot up.  My blood pressure started to rise (skyrocket!!!!).  At this point I realized that my hard drive may have actually for reals nose dived, and I was trying to remember the last time I backed it up??

I backed it up mid day the day before so I only lost about four hours of work, but the timing couldn't be worse because of my work schedule this month.  I needed to be up and running immediately or risk having my work subbed ($$$) out.  

I hopped in the truck and headed to Best Buy and found a new computer.  Then my wallet wasn't in my purse and my day was just getting so super lame.

But it wasn't the complete end of the world after all.  Presenting mister new computer.  :]  My office in SLC overnighted me the discs I need and I am golden.  I am not sure my hard drive tanked, and it may be other hardware issues, but the computer is a dinosaur.  I hope I can just pull the hard drive out of it and throw the rest of it over my balcony, or something totally exciting.
A lesson learned.  I can't imagine those that permanently lose pictures and memories from their hard drives crashing.  Sad days for sure.  That WOULD be the end of the world.

The End.

Just kidding it's not.

To maintain my high standard of scatter brain posts, these are some random odds and ends that I meant to post in June when we went to California.  I have been terrible at taking pictures lately (blaming the heat), but race season starts soon and I definitely will re-introduce the camera at that point.
My sis runs the Tinkerbell 1/2 here in a couple weeks.  So jealous!
We went on a dinner cruise and the captain let us steer the boat around.
This picture below we're trying to jump and make it look like we're standing on the ground.  lol
The End.
For reals this time.

Have a great weekend!  Finally the weekend.


  1. Thank God it was "only 4 hours" lost! Cute new laptop though :)

  2. I am sooooo sorry about your computer. I would have a flippin nervous breakdown if that happened to me and I don't e en make a living that way. So glad it turned out ok. Have a great weekend friend!!!!!

  3. Well, I think that was one lesson learned! It is good that you were able to save some of your work. At least you had something to work on. Too bad, your old PC broke down on you. But I guess the time had come for your old PC to go. And now that the one has arrived, don’t forget to give it some love by giving it some nifty peripherals and support software for it to work better!

    -Benita Bolland