Ovenlike August


We're still alive over here.  Barely.  It is hot.  So hot that you can mention how hot it is to any complete stranger and automatically make friends because everyone agrees.  The heat makes me want to sit on my booter and not do anything productive if I don't absolutely have to, and the Olympics have temporarily taken the place in my life wherein blogging used to.  I LOVE THE OLYMPICS.

Glimpse of life:
We had family in town, and Joe moved here.  AND!! my little brother is visiting all week.  

My hair grows so fast that I decided I'm just growing it for now and then I'll chop it when it cools down.  You die if you can't put it up right now.  Literally die.
Though also on a temporary Olympic hold, I'm reading MISTBORN by Ben's favorite author, Brandon Sanderson.  First time in this genre and I really like it so far.  Then it's on to Insurgent that my hubby surprised me with this past weekend!!
Dallin is here during the hottest week of the year, and it was 112 degrees at track last night.  He got a glimpse into training in the heat.  I don't think he liked it.  lol 

We worked on our running cadence and I found that I'm pretty solid at 178 strides per minute.  The goal is 170-200, or 180ish.  I also learned that my right foot is being over supported and I need to a try a slightly more neutral shoe!  All this time I've been thinking it needed more support, and bumped up to stability plus just two months ago!  The things you learn everyday in running.  It's great.  I highly recommend getting a knowledgeable coach.
A Polaroid shot of my cell phone.  Haha.  But this was like an hour ago.
As was this.
And it still holds true.  Whenever you plan vacation or have family come into town, you get an absurd amount of work.  Poor Dallin is probably so sick of watching me work!!  It sucks, but I am grateful for work.  This afternoon I took him 'school shopping,' so he can be dressed to impress the ladies.  :]  Yesterday we registered him for his first semester of college too.
Now the guys are at Crossfit.  I get to work some more, and watch more Olympics.  Have a lovely week!!  Don't melt!


  1. What kind of yogurt is that? It looks different

    1. It's regular, but I covered it with those yummy popping candies because I love them. :]

    2. I don't think I ever seen those popping candies before.

  2. Dang it is HOT there. I would have melted a long time ago! That's great that you have family visiting :D The toppings on that yogurt are really interesting.. haha. I've really been wanting to read the book Insurgent. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  3. I can't believe you went to the track in 112 degrees, that is bada$$!! :) So happy our coach is helping you! I recently switched from stability to a neutral shoe as well. I was told there is a wide range in neutral shoes, some have still some stability in them. I was told this happens more often that I thought. The longer your run the stronger your foot gets and usually switches to a more neutral form.

  4. I'm lucky it isn't that hot here. It gets into the high 90's mid day but you can still totally run at 6am and it's nice. I can't believe you went to the track in that kinda heat. candy looks good:)