Running Shoes and Shins

I got the Noosas that I've been drooling over!!  I'm thrilled!!  They are beauts, and I'm really excited to take them out for the first time at the track this week.
 They glow in the dark in the back and the front for extra safety.
It was actually an adventure to obtain them.  RoadRunner Sports didn't have my size at either store, neither did Sole Sports, and they acted like they were super hard shoes to find!  We called around and FOOTLOCKER had them, of all stores.  We went for the Footlocker rip off price to have them stat since we bought Ben some awesome Kinvara Trail Runners.  :]
These shoes are so fun.  I'm excited to do some speed work in them since they are slightly more neutral than what I've been running in.

Footlocker employees say the funniest things, bless their hearts. lol:

  • "They almost look too big."  -Employee #1 that watched me try to fit my thumb in front of my toe and the edge of the shoe.  (I'm just happy that right now I have all ten toenails.  Like to keep it that way as long as possible.)
  • "Are you going to start running?" -Employee #2
  • "These are really good running shoes.  I tried them on once and they were comfortable."  -Employee #2
Getting new running shoes was really fun and put a smile on my face (thank you Ben!), but I'm still having trouble with my shin.  I have periods of time where I think it's getting better and I get excited, but if I even look at it wrong, then I'm in pain for days regardless of how much icing I do, or how often I live and sleep in my compression socks.  I'm in pain when I wear heels and stretching makes my shin throb.  It's become noticeable just while walking, and I'm logging very little mileage these days and have taken consecutive weeks off completely.  It's not getting better and I'm probably in denial.

I wonder if I may have a stress fracture.  Marathon training should be starting in a couple of weeks, but I'm not feeling very confident anymore.  It's been stressing me out, but we'll get to the bottom of this.

Meanwhile, I do have some pretty new shoes to look forward to breaking in even if I have to take time off.  I'm hoping for good news.  Running is the best!  :]

One more thing, I have this sweet application on my iPad called Shoedometer and it's how I track my mileage on my running shoes.  It makes it easy to remember when you have multiple pair of shoes in the running, and you can take a picture of your shoes to help you remember which shoes are which.
Have a fabulous week!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE them!!!! So freakin flashy and awesome!!!!! I'm sorry your shin is still
    Buggin! I had to take I think 3 months off and it was still broken. It was horrible. I'm just now running a little but of course since I'm pregnant, I'm nauseated all the time. It's driving me crazy. I just want to get in some really nice, feel good runs, ya know?

  2. I want a pair! I love the bright colors and glow in the dark?! How cool is that. I hope you can get your shin pain gone. How else can I live my running dreams vicariously if you're not running? :(

  3. Those are the coolest shoes ever...I want a pair!!! Maybe one day I can exercise longer than 20 minutes. I hope all is well. Be sure and let me know when you're in town again, I'd love to get together. :)

  4. O-M-G, LOVE those shoes!!!! They already look speedy :) I'm concenred about your shins, maybe it's time to see a doctor?

  5. That app is super cool! I want it even though I don't run...

  6. PS I had a stress fracture in my shin a couple years ago and it sucks so bad to not do your usual routine, but it's kind of fun to try new things too (like water aerobics, etc.)