September Situations (& marathon training begins)

Throughout the past year and a half I've observed that there are three types of people in this world:

One-  People that have never seen a scorpion.

Two-  People that are freaked out by scorpions.

Three-  People that don't mind an occasional sting and burning sensation throughout an entire appendage followed by numbness and terror for the rest of your life, and are okay living with them or perhaps sharing a home or bed together.  Circle of life.

I fall into the category number TWO.  I would say Ben is also a category two.  We have some friends that live out here that are also a category two.  Since we live in the desert, it only made sense that all us category twos get together and scorpion hunt this weekend.  In their house.

Our category two friends live in an amazing home in a desert-y area, and have seen scorpions in it.  They've never seen them glow in a black light, so we brought our scorpinator over to scar their lives for eternity.
We didn't find any inside, and only found one on a brick wall far behind their house, but we did find some out in the preserved land.  I wish I had a penny to show you how large this guy is.  Look how scaly-huge his tail is to help with mentally sizing him up.  Below he is in stinging action.
As an absolute animal lover, I have no reservations when it comes to scorpion extermination.  (Bug spray doesn't kill them.  They don't ever die.  I heard you can freeze one in the freezer for months, and it will come back alive after you thaw it.)
Saturday night we didn't sleep well.  lol  I'm serious.
Yesterday was my cute mother's birthday!  Jeff (her fiance) put together a dinner at her friend's house, and invited my siblings and all.  Very cute.  I stole some pics of her and hope she had a great birthday!!
We have lots of visitors now that we live in the valley, which is really fun!!  We all went to Yardhouse and the girl who took this didn't seem too excited, so it's a little croppy.  Friday was such a good day.
All scorpion thoughts aside, Arizona really is so beautiful!  I never thought the desert could be so pretty, especially when I'm used to Utah-green-desert-ness, and the mountains with leaves changing at this time of year.

When I was a kid we used to vacation in California and palm trees were always present.  Now I live with them and they still remind me of vacation.  And I have grown to appreciate the CACTUS (emphasis on the pink ones).
We're spending a majority of our weekends house hunting (that is kind of a stressful thing), and we'll probably buy a home or lot as soon as we find the winner.  Interest rates are amazing right now, and with the election so close and rates climbing, we have decided it's worth breaking our lease before May.  Though I don't want to move again.  :P

Check out this's Rapunzel's house.
This is silly but so sad... I broke my mirror.  It is so sad because Ben bought it for me on our first date.  My mirror shattered on my flight to Vegas (sometimes pilots aren't very good landers), and the next morning I woke up and there was a new mirror hanging on the outside of my room's door (I stayed at Tropicana to be close to shopping in case Ben turned out to be a creeper).  Ben was working his magic from day one.  :]  RIP memorous mirror.
Marathon training starts TODAY!  I'm doing a longer training since I've been in and out of commission over the past two months, so the marathon isn't until mid January... P.F. Chang's, Phoenix Rock 'n Roll.  

I'm mentally 100% dedicated, so as long as my physical self stays on the same page then we'll be good.  Due to leg issues, I haven't closed the door on option #2, running the 1/2 instead.  I am just throwing it out there so that if my leg continues to trouble me, I won't be absolutely depressed to pull back from the full.  Just semi.

I've picked my main 1/2 marathon to be 12/9, a fast course, and my greedy self wants a sub 1:50...but we'll re-evaluate later.  But race season is starting as you can see from my calendar!!  :D  Starting on SATURDAY.  (Obviously we aren't running these all!!  Just our options.)

Have a great week!!  Anybody running PF Changs?


  1. I absolutely couldn't handle even seeing a scorpion and staying calm. It would FREAK me out big time!!

    Your mama looks too young to be your mommy. Maybe a sister??

    Hurrah for marathon training!! I am afraid of NOT having a training schedule after Saturday's marathon. I just don't want to get lazy. Having a plan is always a good thing for me. Good luck with your training and I hope you can stay physically well.

    ps-did you ever figure out what the shirt says?
    13.1 The backwards E is a 3.

  2. The scorpions are freaking me out, just seeing them on the picture! Have a fantastic marathon training. The start of a training is almost like the first day of school, so exciting!!

  3. Awesome! Hope you stick with the marathon. Maybe we'll see each other out there! :)

  4. I have only seen a scorpion once (other than at pet stores), when I was like 7 at my cousin's lake house in Austin, Texas. It ran across the kitchen floor in the morning and scared me to death! I don't know how I'd handle the situation now... I think they're kind of cool! But would never get too close of course!

    That house totally does look like a Rapunzel house!

    and good luck with your training, that is amazing you are running a marathon!