Waking Up [28 years old] in Vegas

My birthday weekend was epic!  I had no idea that Ben had been planning something so fun, for months.  It was a lovely surprise!

Friday (8/31) morning Ben woke me up a little early and said he was running late and needed some help with a few things, so I jumped out of bed and found this on the family room floor...
He is so adorable.  :]  I love my husband!

First things first, a hair appointment.  lol  It grows so quickly that I just decided to grow it out for awhile to save on $$, but it was so flat and ugly it was one of my worst money saving techniques.
Ben is cute because I set out a ton of outfit ideas before heading to my hair appointment, and I came home to finish packing and ALL of it was packed up, the suitcases were by the door and he was ready!!  So we headed to Vegas and about an hour outside of it Ben pulled out his phone and was like, "hey buddy, where you at?  We're about an hour out."  


As we pulled out of Scottsdale I got a text from my cousin, Derek, that wished me happy birthday and asked if I was doing anything fun.  I told him Ben was taking me to Vegas!!  I didn't know that Derek and his fiance, Teresa, were leaving SLC to meet us in Vegas.  I haven't seen Derek in AGES, and I hadn't met Teresa.  They are set to wed next month.  :]

Derek has visited us in Vegas in the past, so I knew it would be an awesome weekend with them.  The guys had this trip planned for months, and they booked a really sweet corner room at Vdara, aka CITY CENTER!!
This (below) is the view from one of the west windows.  Those buildings are Panarama!  Where Ben lived!  He was in the far left building, about the same height.
I stole some of his pictures (below).  The building next to his head is Vdara...I think?  City Center is large and confusing.  Thank goodness for Ben's navigatorial skills.  I guess navigatorial is not a word.
Another hot one for good measure:
Below we ate dinner at Aria's Cafe Vettro, which is at City Center and pretty cool inside.  Jon is on the right and he's a friend from Thatcher whom also joined us.  Then we all headed over to TI to see Mystere!
The best part of dinner was my fresh squeezed watermelon juice.  I wonder why don't we see more of this.
My hunk and I, 3-1/2 years after we met.
We tried to fit in so much over the weekend!  We ate Texas De Brazil (yum) and saw Le Reve at Wynn and even got our favorite banana split at Society Cafe in Encore.  The bananer split wasn't on the menu anymore and we nearly shed tears, but they said they still could make it for us.  :]  

It's the best banana split ever in the entire universe and you should get it if you go to Vegas.  My mouth is watering as I type this.

The cute couple in front of Beso Steakhouse (now out of business and about to become something new).  Maybe you remember it from this post.  Everything is disappearing...like the Original Pancake House at Green Vallley is also gone.  Sad.
This is in COSMO.  If you can even describe a casino as pretty, this one gets that description.
Derek is 100% Paleo and didn't even have one bite.  Ohhh sad day.
We took turns trying to pick out girlfriends for Jon.  There were quite a selection of drunk ones at this moment of time in front of Venetian.
Derek took the picture below from the Wynn Theater.  I think it is super cool.
A birthday is not complete without some new kicks that are much cuter in person because my photography skills are somewhat lacking.
I caught a picture of Ben's office as we rolled out (it's weird to roll out of town south).  It's below, though it now has a new name on the building, "MGM Resorts International."  I think Ben thought it would be torn down after the City Center completion, but I guess not.  Memories.
The drive to Vegas took less than 4-1/2 hours, but coming home was a different story.  Lots of traffic and accidents.
It was a great weekend and even a week later I'm still dragging and really wish we could rewind to last weekend.  Thank you Ben for being the greatest husband I could never deserve.  I love you!

A couple of other things:

  • Jolie ran the Tinkerbell half last weekend.  She was shooting for a sub 2:00 and she got a PR of 1:56:56!!  And she looked cute too.

  • My cute mother and Jeff set a wedding date of December 1st.  We'll be up in December twice this year.  Maybe we'll see some other family this time around.

  • The doc gave me the green light to ease back into running!  2-1/2 weeks weren't enough to keep my shin pain from coming right back, but hey, we're going to still go with it's tendinitis for the time being.  I'm stuck to the treadmill and slow for now, but it's progress.

  • I started playing Christmas music on the piano on Wednesday.  Tis the season.

And I am so glad it's Friday.  Holy cow.  Have a great weekend!


  1. You are so cute! I love your new hair style. I'm so tempted to do something new and fun.

    Your husband spoiled you and I'm sure you deserved it. It looks like a super fun time you all had in Vegas.

    You play piano?? Me Too! I actually am a piano teacher:) We are deep into the Halloween music right now getting ready for the Halloween recital next month but then we'll be deep into Christmas music after that. Soooo fun!

  2. This looked so so so awesome Christy! You are one lucky gal to have a sweet husband. LOVE those zebra strappy shoes BTW. HOT!!! Well, I'm at 4:30 hoping for a 10 mile tun this morning. I have been so sick I haven;t been logging enough mileage so here I am droopy eyed and tired:(
    LOVED these pics. Hope your leg is feeling better!!!! xoxoxo H

  3. What a fun birthday weekend- and a sweet hubby to plan it all!!

  4. Happy Birthday. You have an awesome husband to plan all that and I love your new hair cut and highlights. Looks awesome.

  5. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You are a very lucky girl!!! What a wonderful weekend!!! LOVE all the picture. It made me miss Vegas, I think it's time to go back! :)

  6. Lucky!!! What a fun birthday, Ben spoiled you. :) The haircut is super cute. I love that cut on you. I hope all is well :)

  7. Oh my gosh HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your husband is so sweet :D That is such an awesome surprise! Lucky duck :D

  8. Such a fun birthday! Ben gets the best hubby award! Love your haircut!