The Ends of October (4 days to Christmas music).

We were looking at a home with our Realtor and decided to drive by some of the neighboring other homes in similar price points as the one we were currently looking at, since most of them weren't active listings anymore.  Just to do personal curb appeal comps, I guess.

I plugged the address in the GPS for one similar sq/ft home and I didn't think much of it.  We pulled up from the back way and were both like, "oh this one looks so much like the brown house!!  Such a similar neighborhood too.  Like, soooo similar..."'s even got the same address.  It hasn't closed yet, but somebody still pulled out the depressingly droopy tree!  The curb appeal was instantly so much better and we both kind of kicked ourselves for not jumping on this one sooner.  Are you kidding me?
This weekend I had a 10 miler and was really looking forward to it because I was finally doing one outdoors.  It's still summer around here, but on top of running out of water and not knowing the area I was running in very well (so I just ran around one super rich neighborhood to be safe [lol] = boring), I came down with a semi-new pain... my left hip.

(I thoroughly enjoy all of the fluffy bunnies.  They are everywhere and sometimes startling when they come bouncing towards you at life threatening speed.  So cute.)
Just after seven miles, I had Ben bring me more water.  Then I decided to jump in with him and finish my run on the treadmill in case my hip required me to forfeit the rest.  I finished the entire run, but ran SO slow for the last 2 miles to avoid hip pain.  

Ben dealt with hip pain while training for SL last spring, so he knows what it's like.  So now I'm dealing with IT band problems I guess, and I hope to be able to roll/stretch/massage my way out of it in the next few weeks.  (Any hip pain advice?)  The shin is doing well and physical therapy did work.  Just moving on down through the injury list.  Shux.
This is what I look like on the TM.  lol  I was still connected to satellite I guess (I kept my Garmin to watch my HR).  I promise I don't drink and run, or even drink at all.
A couple of pictures from Maggie's Race 10k, 9k and 5k.  (We did the 10k.)  It makes me so happy when races give you pictures for free instead of taking an arm or leg.
Getting ready to run!  You can see the lake behind me on the left.  Beautiful course.
3. . .2. . .1. . .
Importantly. . .I finally spent the rest of my birthday money on fabulous make up.  A few years ago I would never have been able to hold on to cash for this long.  Ha.  It's an impressive set-up, this palette of pop ups and actual lights when you open it.  I haven't bought make up since we got married because I was such a make up hoarder beforehand that I haven't run out.  Kind of h-u-m-o-r-o-u-s, my priorities back then:   make up, clothes and shoes.  (The shoe thing... still way up there.)
Sushi is still way up there.  Especially take out sushi for $23 from this place that is so cheap that we have had it every weekend for a month.  And it's walking distance.  Oh man.  TWENTY THREE DOLLARS.
We are mere days away from our 2nd wedding anniversary (crazy) and will be headed out on a cruise with some friends to celebrate.  We'll be gone during the election, so we sent in our votes.  Just a friendly reminder don't forget to vote.  No excuses (unless you're my little 18 year old brother who just registered to vote... which it is too late. haha!).
Have a great last week of October, and have a great Halloween!!  We might be putting in another offer on a cute little home with a pool this time.  It already has an offer in on it (of course), but who knows.  Keep ya posted.  Have a great day and week!

Busy Life Ramblings

I have forgotten how time consuming and exhausting it is to work all of the time.  Going from part time work for the last year+ to overtime has my brain fried.  My overall goal with this extra job has completely been fulfilled, and right now I'm very thankful!

So we're still on the hunt for our perfect home, and we're having zero luck after 3+ months.  We check the MLS daily, and have a list of three homes on our "favorites" list.  The problem though, all three are UNDER CONTRACT.  lol  Bit of a trouble.

The latest home we almost put an offer in on last month is below.  I promise we weren't going to live in a garage as there IS some house behind the awful depressingly droopy tree landscaping (that huge tree would have had to go).  It went under contract yesterday. . .so moving right along. . .  hopefully to a two-story.  We still haven't gotten over the home we didn't get last month.  There must be a reason.  Maybe it's secretly scorpion infested.

On a super happy note, check out these super sweet heels.  They are totally awesome (and sold out).  I wish there was a reason to add them to the shoe collection. . .
A majority of our meals are from Pinterest still, and this one was DELICIOUS and unique, so I wanted to share.  My pictures don't ever do food justice (perhaps I'm lazy with my presentation).

Essentially you start with mini peppers (we used mini sweet bell peppers), stuff them with mozzarella, then roll/cover the peppers in ground beef.  I seasoned the beef with meatloaf seasonings and chopped up onion, etc.  The recipe calls for glazing them in BBQ sauce, but we omitted that in favor of meatloaf seasoning.
They are called "Armadillo Eggs."  Click the strip below to see the image from Pinterest.  The original link no longer exists, so I don't know who deserves credit.  Thank you whoever you are.

We bring our black light when we look at houses.  Our Realtor often finds me spending my time hunting for evidence of a scorpion problem.  I just can't stand them, they hurt and are hard to rid.  Safety first. . .

According to Wikipedia, I quote, "Lab experiments have frozen the scorpions for weeks, and after being thawed, the scorpions emerged unharmed. During US nuclear testing, scorpions, along with cockroaches and lizards, were found near ground zero with no recorded adverse effects."  

This is a regular light vs. black light picture.  Usually you can find them on the block walls.  They only require 1/16 inch gap to sneak around. . .or into your house. . .bed. . .
I only care because we're bringing my sweet little mini greyhound out here to live with us here shortly whether we finally find a home or renew our lease to include a pup.  He is so adorable. . .
I'm on week 5, 6 or 7 of PF Chang's training, the weeks are blurring so I'm not completely sure.  We really wanted to sleep in on Saturday, so no racing and I did my run on the treadmill!  I think this is my highest TM mileage run ever.  I never really ran on a treadmill before my shin issue, which seems to be silent right now which is great!

Check out my sweet fan!  It was only $13.
Ben was here while I was on the mill.  He's so cute!!  We will definitely miss this fun pool area when we move out.
I got my hair cut (um literally right after my run... my poor hairstylist lol) and added some subtle purple (that you can't really see here)!  I decided now that I dress up for my new work that I probably should ease into the crazy hair coloring even though I don't think the work manual mentioned anything about colorful hair.  I think purple is very professional.  :]
And we are super Halloween lame these days.  When I lived in Utah you could start to "smell Halloween" in the air in September.  Here it is just starting to cool down at night where we can open our windows, so I just haven't switched to Halloween mentality.  (However I will be listening to Christmas music on XM as SOON as it's available.)

I'm assuming this house is like this for the holiday, but what. . .the. . heck?  That's a giant boat in their yard.  Pretty cool, but how do they get away with it with the HOA??  It looks so permanent.
Well that's it for my misc. ramblings for now.  Have a great week!!  We just booked our flights for November 30th.  See you Utahns then!!

Race Day - Gladiator & Job Update

This weekend was the Gladiator obstacle race.  We ran this race back in March and it was a total blast, and it came back for the fall season!!  This time around I decided to play the photographer role and save my legs for a different race I was planning on this weekend (but didn't end up running due to being sick).

Race: Gladiator Rock 'N Run
Location: Goodyear, AZ  (Estrella Mountain Park)
Date: Saturday, October 13, 2012
Distance: 7k / 4.3 miles + 17 obstacles (Tougher course than last March.)
Team: Team Nemesis- 3 guys

Goal:  Top 10 overall

Time:  44:41
Age Group Placement:  1st!! / 296
Gender Placement:  9th / ?
Overall Placement:  9th / 1581 finishers
Team Nemesis only had three people this time around.  Here (below) they all come (it was like the 10 o'clock heat or something)... and straight up the mountain which is probably the hardest part of the whole thing.  And then they run the other side of the mountain and are lost to me for a good 30-40 minutes.
Where's Waldo team. . .
If you click to enlarge the next two pictures you can see Ben in the first one leading the pack, and all three in the second one.  This picture directly below he is actually waving!  haha
 This is about the 4 mile point I'd say.  A very sunny day, but probably only high 70s low 80s at this point.
My adorable husband after getting his award.  He is sooooooo cute, I absolutely love seeing him win and seeing how happy he is.  Nobody is more deserving than this guy whom CrossFits like a maniac, but also can run 19:00 5ks.  I'm a proud wifey.
Speaking of trophies, or rewards, rather, I posted this pictures (below) on FB already, but the 5k we ran a couple of weeks ago that Ben placed 4th in, he actually came in 3rd after they fixed the timing issue they had!  (I still came in 6th.  haha)
And a new job update: it's going great.  I got sick the second day (blech), so my head was ready to explode for multiple reasons all week long and I lived on caffeinated Crystal Light whilst being exhausted.  It has been a LOT of information to swallow, and I'm still digesting it all, but I'm enjoying the material and the people I work with!  There are even women in the office, though I'm the only female in the engineering dept. However, it's a nice mix of interaction which is definitely a plus.

I work from home 8-12, and I work for my new job from 1-6 in office.  It's a great schedule!  I am not complaining.  :]

I have lots more, but I'm going to go to bed like a giant bum.  haha  Have a great week and happy belated birthday to my brother whom turned 25 yesterday!!

A Week of Running!

Last week was one of those weeks that was just weird, off, or had a looming feeling about it.  It wasn't particularly horrible, just weird.

(Thank goodness we have a lifetime supply of gummy.)  =]
Firstly though, track practice on Tuesday was excellent!!  So much fun that I'm going to bore you with details (yaaay!).  It was full of team drills and they are my favorite because you're working together to keep up while constantly motivating and yelling for each other.

Team drills were splits 5, 6, 7 & 8.  Splits 9-12 were a finale 6:00 and every 1:30 on the whistle we'd speed up until the last 1:30 was as all out as we could possibly manage for the night's grand finale.  A team mate jumped in to pace me for just the last 1:30 and so I ended at a 6:12!  I almost died, but it was awesome fun.

Track is a miserable joy!
Fast forward to the weekend and I was stuck between being discouraged (last week's race) and confident (track praaaaaactice).  We changed plans and chose a 10k instead of the 8k trail run race I posted last week.  For me it's just still too hot for hills [slash running].
We ran the Race for Maggie's Place 10k around Tempe Town Lake, a gorgeous course!!  After being disappointed last week, I decided to keep my miles around 8:30 for this one.  Once again I was disappointed and somewhere around mile 3 I just threw in the towel.  I'm not sure my deal, but I'm hoping things change when it cools down.  I did race a girl at the very end which was fun.
Ben came out with. . .negative splits!  The course was kind of short, but no complaints from me.  I thanked them.
The course was also very awesome.
But not as awesome as my pose.
The shirts were awesome too.  A well organized race for a great cause, and with some fellow Racelabbers.  I don't know our placements and can't find official results online yet, but they didn't have age group awards.  I'm pretty sure Ben is up there though.
Rewind back to Thursday (still talking about running, stay with me).  I did two things I never do with my runs lately. . . I decided to do it outside (hooray!), and I decided to bring my phone and carry it in my hand.
I got a quarter mile into the run and watched an accident as I was about to cross an intersection.  A kid blasted into a guy stopped waiting to turn, between 50-55mph.  It was the loudest crunching odd-noise-explosion-of-debris.  I was terrified of finding these people hurt.
The man hit (was sooo nice, poor guy) said he thought he only had whiplash, so I went to the kid.  He had been texting, according to witnesses in cars, and he wasn't wearing his seat belt either (. . .really people??).  He was going to be okay, but his face went through the windshield and he needed medical since he was bleeding a lot, and not . . . normal.
So the evening was a reminder to be careful while driving, and be careful while running on sidewalks along busy streets.  Here where I run, the side walk has an island with trees that separate it from the street.  A little piece of mind.
In other news, Saturday we drove past these kids doing a lemonade stand in their driveway and decided to pay them a visit.  They were selling lemonade, cookies AND bookmarks!  And for an extra $0.25 they would customize them.  Haha!  It was the cutest thing.
And my dog is pretty cute.
That's all.  Hope you had a wonderful General Conference weekend and that you have a great week as well.  Happy Sabbath!