A Week of Running!

Last week was one of those weeks that was just weird, off, or had a looming feeling about it.  It wasn't particularly horrible, just weird.

(Thank goodness we have a lifetime supply of gummy.)  =]
Firstly though, track practice on Tuesday was excellent!!  So much fun that I'm going to bore you with details (yaaay!).  It was full of team drills and they are my favorite because you're working together to keep up while constantly motivating and yelling for each other.

Team drills were splits 5, 6, 7 & 8.  Splits 9-12 were a finale 6:00 and every 1:30 on the whistle we'd speed up until the last 1:30 was as all out as we could possibly manage for the night's grand finale.  A team mate jumped in to pace me for just the last 1:30 and so I ended at a 6:12!  I almost died, but it was awesome fun.

Track is a miserable joy!
Fast forward to the weekend and I was stuck between being discouraged (last week's race) and confident (track praaaaaactice).  We changed plans and chose a 10k instead of the 8k trail run race I posted last week.  For me it's just still too hot for hills [slash running].
We ran the Race for Maggie's Place 10k around Tempe Town Lake, a gorgeous course!!  After being disappointed last week, I decided to keep my miles around 8:30 for this one.  Once again I was disappointed and somewhere around mile 3 I just threw in the towel.  I'm not sure my deal, but I'm hoping things change when it cools down.  I did race a girl at the very end which was fun.
Ben came out with. . .negative splits!  The course was kind of short, but no complaints from me.  I thanked them.
The course was also very awesome.
But not as awesome as my pose.
The shirts were awesome too.  A well organized race for a great cause, and with some fellow Racelabbers.  I don't know our placements and can't find official results online yet, but they didn't have age group awards.  I'm pretty sure Ben is up there though.
Rewind back to Thursday (still talking about running, stay with me).  I did two things I never do with my runs lately. . . I decided to do it outside (hooray!), and I decided to bring my phone and carry it in my hand.
I got a quarter mile into the run and watched an accident as I was about to cross an intersection.  A kid blasted into a guy stopped waiting to turn, between 50-55mph.  It was the loudest crunching odd-noise-explosion-of-debris.  I was terrified of finding these people hurt.
The man hit (was sooo nice, poor guy) said he thought he only had whiplash, so I went to the kid.  He had been texting, according to witnesses in cars, and he wasn't wearing his seat belt either (. . .really people??).  He was going to be okay, but his face went through the windshield and he needed medical since he was bleeding a lot, and not . . . normal.
So the evening was a reminder to be careful while driving, and be careful while running on sidewalks along busy streets.  Here where I run, the side walk has an island with trees that separate it from the street.  A little piece of mind.
In other news, Saturday we drove past these kids doing a lemonade stand in their driveway and decided to pay them a visit.  They were selling lemonade, cookies AND bookmarks!  And for an extra $0.25 they would customize them.  Haha!  It was the cutest thing.
And my dog is pretty cute.
That's all.  Hope you had a wonderful General Conference weekend and that you have a great week as well.  Happy Sabbath!


  1. Congrats to both on you on your run! What a horrible accident to witness. I have seen accidents before but nothing where someone was hurt..thank God! Your dog is super cute too!

  2. Ouch, that accident looks serious! I'm glad you and nobody else got injured. Hang in there, fall is just around the corner and your speedy times will come back!! :)

  3. Nice race!!!! Love that sticker:)

  4. Great job on your run!
    That accident looks scary, oh my gosh. I am so glad to hear they are both (mostly) okay. Just a remember to stay off of your phone while driving.
    Love your bookmark :D