Busy Life Ramblings

I have forgotten how time consuming and exhausting it is to work all of the time.  Going from part time work for the last year+ to overtime has my brain fried.  My overall goal with this extra job has completely been fulfilled, and right now I'm very thankful!

So we're still on the hunt for our perfect home, and we're having zero luck after 3+ months.  We check the MLS daily, and have a list of three homes on our "favorites" list.  The problem though, all three are UNDER CONTRACT.  lol  Bit of a trouble.

The latest home we almost put an offer in on last month is below.  I promise we weren't going to live in a garage as there IS some house behind the awful depressingly droopy tree landscaping (that huge tree would have had to go).  It went under contract yesterday. . .so moving right along. . .  hopefully to a two-story.  We still haven't gotten over the home we didn't get last month.  There must be a reason.  Maybe it's secretly scorpion infested.

On a super happy note, check out these super sweet heels.  They are totally awesome (and sold out).  I wish there was a reason to add them to the shoe collection. . .
A majority of our meals are from Pinterest still, and this one was DELICIOUS and unique, so I wanted to share.  My pictures don't ever do food justice (perhaps I'm lazy with my presentation).

Essentially you start with mini peppers (we used mini sweet bell peppers), stuff them with mozzarella, then roll/cover the peppers in ground beef.  I seasoned the beef with meatloaf seasonings and chopped up onion, etc.  The recipe calls for glazing them in BBQ sauce, but we omitted that in favor of meatloaf seasoning.
They are called "Armadillo Eggs."  Click the strip below to see the image from Pinterest.  The original link no longer exists, so I don't know who deserves credit.  Thank you whoever you are.

We bring our black light when we look at houses.  Our Realtor often finds me spending my time hunting for evidence of a scorpion problem.  I just can't stand them, they hurt and are hard to rid.  Safety first. . .

According to Wikipedia, I quote, "Lab experiments have frozen the scorpions for weeks, and after being thawed, the scorpions emerged unharmed. During US nuclear testing, scorpions, along with cockroaches and lizards, were found near ground zero with no recorded adverse effects."  

This is a regular light vs. black light picture.  Usually you can find them on the block walls.  They only require 1/16 inch gap to sneak around. . .or into your house. . .bed. . .
I only care because we're bringing my sweet little mini greyhound out here to live with us here shortly whether we finally find a home or renew our lease to include a pup.  He is so adorable. . .
I'm on week 5, 6 or 7 of PF Chang's training, the weeks are blurring so I'm not completely sure.  We really wanted to sleep in on Saturday, so no racing and I did my run on the treadmill!  I think this is my highest TM mileage run ever.  I never really ran on a treadmill before my shin issue, which seems to be silent right now which is great!

Check out my sweet fan!  It was only $13.
Ben was here while I was on the mill.  He's so cute!!  We will definitely miss this fun pool area when we move out.
I got my hair cut (um literally right after my run... my poor hairstylist lol) and added some subtle purple (that you can't really see here)!  I decided now that I dress up for my new work that I probably should ease into the crazy hair coloring even though I don't think the work manual mentioned anything about colorful hair.  I think purple is very professional.  :]
And we are super Halloween lame these days.  When I lived in Utah you could start to "smell Halloween" in the air in September.  Here it is just starting to cool down at night where we can open our windows, so I just haven't switched to Halloween mentality.  (However I will be listening to Christmas music on XM as SOON as it's available.)

I'm assuming this house is like this for the holiday, but what. . .the. . heck?  That's a giant boat in their yard.  Pretty cool, but how do they get away with it with the HOA??  It looks so permanent.
Well that's it for my misc. ramblings for now.  Have a great week!!  We just booked our flights for November 30th.  See you Utahns then!!


  1. LOVe the doggie picture, too cute!! I hope you find the perfect home sooN!!

  2. I hope that you guys find the perfect house soon! You make me so thankful that I don't have to worry about scorpions, they look and sound very creepy.
    Pinterest is the best for recipes and crafts! I can't stay off of that darn site haha.
    I love your hair! It looks so cute! I can't see the purple, but I love it! Haha!
    That's crazy they have a huge boat in their driveway! Talk about gearing up for Halloween (:

  3. Purple sounds AWESOME! I need to do that to mine.

    And yeah, that is a crazy Halloween decoration!