Race Day - Gladiator & Job Update

This weekend was the Gladiator obstacle race.  We ran this race back in March and it was a total blast, and it came back for the fall season!!  This time around I decided to play the photographer role and save my legs for a different race I was planning on this weekend (but didn't end up running due to being sick).

Race: Gladiator Rock 'N Run
Location: Goodyear, AZ  (Estrella Mountain Park)
Date: Saturday, October 13, 2012
Distance: 7k / 4.3 miles + 17 obstacles (Tougher course than last March.)
Team: Team Nemesis- 3 guys

Goal:  Top 10 overall

Time:  44:41
Age Group Placement:  1st!! / 296
Gender Placement:  9th / ?
Overall Placement:  9th / 1581 finishers
Team Nemesis only had three people this time around.  Here (below) they all come (it was like the 10 o'clock heat or something)... and straight up the mountain which is probably the hardest part of the whole thing.  And then they run the other side of the mountain and are lost to me for a good 30-40 minutes.
Where's Waldo team. . .
If you click to enlarge the next two pictures you can see Ben in the first one leading the pack, and all three in the second one.  This picture directly below he is actually waving!  haha
 This is about the 4 mile point I'd say.  A very sunny day, but probably only high 70s low 80s at this point.
My adorable husband after getting his award.  He is sooooooo cute, I absolutely love seeing him win and seeing how happy he is.  Nobody is more deserving than this guy whom CrossFits like a maniac, but also can run 19:00 5ks.  I'm a proud wifey.
Speaking of trophies, or rewards, rather, I posted this pictures (below) on FB already, but the 5k we ran a couple of weeks ago that Ben placed 4th in, he actually came in 3rd after they fixed the timing issue they had!  (I still came in 6th.  haha)
And a new job update: it's going great.  I got sick the second day (blech), so my head was ready to explode for multiple reasons all week long and I lived on caffeinated Crystal Light whilst being exhausted.  It has been a LOT of information to swallow, and I'm still digesting it all, but I'm enjoying the material and the people I work with!  There are even women in the office, though I'm the only female in the engineering dept. However, it's a nice mix of interaction which is definitely a plus.

I work from home 8-12, and I work for my new job from 1-6 in office.  It's a great schedule!  I am not complaining.  :]

I have lots more, but I'm going to go to bed like a giant bum.  haha  Have a great week and happy belated birthday to my brother whom turned 25 yesterday!!


  1. You are a great photographer! You should start a part time job taking race pictures! :) CONGRATS Ben!!

  2. Congratulations to your hubby! Looks like he had a great time and exceeded his goals! You took some great pictures!

  3. You hubs is awesome!!!! That's fun that you just took pics this time!! and CONGRATULATIONS on the job!!!! THat is awesome and probably kinda nice to get out of the house a bit too! xoxoxox