Race Day - Grasshopper 5k [+ Home/ Job Offers]

We had a super busy weekend, and it was super exciting!  Friday I had my third job interview with a company out here in Phoenix!  Over the past 1-1/2 years I have had a tougher time with the whole working-part-time-from-home, thing.  It is great in theory, but we don't have any kids to stay home with yet, so I just don't feel as great about my day like when I used to work full time.  The grass is always greener, I know.
So I applied for this full time position even though I only wanted an additional part time position to add to my part time at home gig.  1/2 + 1/2 = 1 (and it keeps my options open for when we do have children).  Finding part time work in my industry is significantly harder than full time, so I just decided to apply to full time and hoped to negotiate my hours if I got my foot in the door.  Kind of a long shot, but it actually worked!  I'm very grateful!

If I do work there, my job title would be Project Coordinator / CAD Designer.  :]  And if I do work there I'd start next week.
In separate news, my current boss sent us this beautiful giftcard for Cold Stone ice cream.  It has something to do with a bet that ASU would beat UoU in football a week ago.  :]
Saturday morning we got up early for our first race of the season!  It was the Moon Valley Grasshopper Brigde 5k, and we both knew we were going to be facing a lot of pain, and we couldn't be more accurate.  It was terrible!!  Haha!
We still had a great time (afterwards)!  The race was very well organized and has a record of bringing out some really speedy runners and had about 750 racers overall.

[I did not run in my fly sunglasses, no.]
I've had more issue with my right leg, so I wanted to get a few miles in before the race.  I probably pushed it too closely because by the time we started the race itself, I was already hot and dripping.  Throw some Arizona September weather in the mix and it was tough.  BUT the warm up miles did help my leg and it didn't hurt during the race.

My only plan was to stick around 8:00 splits but I wasn't anywhere close so maybe that was a bit unrealistic.  Haha.  Oh well.  My 5k watch split was 26:20.  Ben said he struggled through the race, but his struggling still gave him a 19:55 @ 6:25 pace watch time 5k.  He came in 4th in his AG and I came in 6th.  The course was a little long, and Ben's official time was 20:22 and mine was 26:52.
Ben is such a great runner.  The only way I can tell that he "struggled" is because this might be the first race in history where not every single mile was a negative split because mile three was 1 whole second slower.  I keep telling him to teach me...but I just can't catch on.  :]
Next weekend we're running our first trail race, and just based off the heat of this weekend...I'm really nervous now.  But it will be lots of fun as long as I don't get frustrated with myself during the race.  I'm really hard on myself and I wish I wouldn't be.  This upcoming weekend's 8k:
Probably the most exciting thing of the past weekend was that we put an offer in on a home!  It has multiple offers on it since it's a Fannie Mae (= papppppperwork), so there is a great chance we won't even get it, but we do know if we don't get this one that we still want to be in that area.  If we don't get it then I'll post a pic because it's so cute!
How about a cute little home, a puppy (largest font available), and a million palm trees.  I don't think this house we want has any palm trees, but I really don't mind anymore.  I have since learned scorpions like palm trees.  I think I'd be okay with a cactus (and fake grass, I still would love fake grass.  We learned at the big Home Show this weekend that it is called synthetic grass.).

Also at the Home Show?  Lots of pest control companies (we got all their flyers).  This one in particular had a giant display of live scorpions and I got close and personal to one.  He had a hard time stinging me through that glass.
If you drive downtown Phoenix on VanBuren, you will see the most palm trees ever, and large ones.  It was by the Home Show and I just think it's amazing.
I'll leave you with a reminder of what my cute Mini Greyhound looks like.  He thinks he loves sitting in the sun in Utah, just wait until he gets to Arizona.  He will no longer spend 3/4 of his life shivering and shaking.  :]
Have a great week!  Crazy it is October.


  1. Sorry your race wasn't exactly how you wanted it but glad your out there. awesome you put in an offer on a house. YAY. hope it comes through. your dog is the cutest

  2. I'll keep my fingers cross you get the house! Good luck with the trail race, the elevation looks scary!!

  3. I can't believe it's October either! I love Cold Stone- totally jealous of your gift card!