2 Years

My 18 year old brother, Dallin, will be gone for two years starting February 6th, 2013.  He got his mission call on Halloween.  We do this thing called Google Chat, which is similar to Skype. . .but better, really.  You can have multiple windows/people at once.  My sister in Cali, us in AZ, Google Chatted with Dallin/James/my mom who were all at my dad's house having a Halloween/mission call opening, party.  My dad was actually in Guatemala and was on the phone!!  Technology is absolutely amazing.  (Rykar got to participate too.)
[Jolie cracks me up.  Her internet cut out right when Dallin announced where he was going, so we were all screaming and she was asking, "where, huh? hellloooo??" and holding up signs trying to get our attention.  Hahahaha!!  I do have it on video.]
Ben thought foreign, I guessed Texas, and he ended up getting called to TUCSON, ARIZONA!  We are so proud of my little brother.  He's definitely a leader and will make a great missionary!  He is beyond ready to serve, and actually wanted to live in AZ after his mission.  Looks like he'll get an earlier chance.  :]

Tucson is two hours from us, and we're barely out of his mission and would have been in it had we not moved from Thatcher this past May.  So. . .that's rad.
Well it's been a strange year for running.  I've lingered off the injured list by a hair most of the year, among many rest breaks and different injury symptoms.  Now it's my left IT band causing hip trouble which caused some hobbling this week.
I called it quits early at track and stretched!  We divided into groups and Bettina ran form drills.  I was able to do drills, I just can't open up my stride because that's when my hip seizes up.  I can still run pain free (or at least I did last night), but very slowly.
Ben running a finale lap with a couple of guys.  He had a 1:08!!  That is a 4:31 pace.
We are about to hit our two year anniversary (on the 12th).  Two years has gone by so quickly, and we're close to four years together!  Time has sped up since we found each other, and I wish it would slow down, but I only hear it goes even quicker as we get older.

I'm so grateful for Ben and for this life together.  He makes everything so perfect, so happy!  We are so content, so happy with life that sometimes it scares me because I know life is fragile.  But man, it's great!!  I sure love you Ben!!!  Thanks for choosing me.  :]

Night before our wedding (slightly drugged out of his mind).  11.11.10
Our perfect day.
We are truly blessed.
Have a great first weekend and week of November!!  Stay safe everyone.


  1. Looks like a lot of good things are happening right now. Happy Anniversary and I love your wedding photos! The close up of Rykar is awesome!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! So happy for you!!

  3. Happy anniversary!!! I love your wedding photos. So gorgeous!!! I'm so sorry about all your lingering injuries. I hate being Injured. I need to learn to skype. So cool! I feel like I've been missing you lately friend! I can't wait to rub again. Miss it so much:)

  4. I can't believe you had such good weather for your November wedding!

  5. Happy aniversary!! That is so awesome about Dallin's mission call. I haven't been around the blogging world. for a while so it is good to catch up with you

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful pictures :) Hope all is well! P.S. I'll be running the PF Changs 1/2 in January too!