Ends of November

Ben has been an obstacle racing fool lately!  He did the Rugged Maniac last weekend and came in 5th place overall!  I wasn't able to attend because I've been sick (I think maybe pneumonia?), and he was pre-paid, so he got up and went completely solo, sadly.  I am sad we don't have pictures of him doing it!  He is amazing.  Nice job to my sweetheart.  Especially on that difficult course!
This weekend was the Mud Factor race, and Eric and Tan came down for the weekend for it.  The race was a total flop, but the medals were pretty cool and the weather was nice.

These mud obstacle races are becoming huge everywhere, but we've learned many of them are all hype and rather lame in reality.  I think we're retiring obstacle racing until the Spartan in February.  :]
One highlight of waiting for the guys to finish were the puppies walking around.  I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I LOVE puppies and their cute, innocent little personalities.
This one below is a service pup.  She was walking around carrying her leash in her mouth.
Meeting up with the guys after they washed up.  I like how this picture has a lot of cactuses (cacti? I still don't know the plural form of such word).
Since I'm going reverse order, next is Thanksgiving!  I took two whole pictures, but we went back to Thatcher for the holiday, to spend it with Ben's brother, Nate, and his wife's family (thank you for always being so welcoming!).

It was great to see the family and the girlies.  Things change too fast being we've only been gone six months and Mallory is all grown up now.  When we moved I didn't think it would be that long before we saw them.  I guess three hours is far, but hopefully another six months doesn't go by again.
The lovely Minda and Becky. . .
The house hunting is still in the full on mode, but unsuccessful.  We've put in offers on three homes, two with multiple offers, and one where we decided not to counter back.  We know we'll find the right one for us sometime.
Hopefully with a doggy door like the last home. . .  :]
For my sweet little greyhound. . .
Whom just had a tumor removed from his little leg. . .
And came home from the doctor's office super drugged but still tried to stay awake.  lol
But he is cute.  :]
Meanwhile, I've been sick and hacking my lungs up for awhile (I think I threw my back out coughing lol, serious).  It has put my training on a standstill, and between this and my hip issues, I'll probably be doing the 1/2 marathon in January.  It's a letdown, but it's alright.  Clearly now is not the time to torture my body anymore.  The 1/2 will be fun!
Well, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  We are incredibly blessed and have a lot to be thankful for!!  Have a happy Sunday!


  1. oh no, hope you feel better very soon!!

  2. So glad your hubby's having fun racing. At least someone is, right? Sooooo sorry about your doggy. Poor baby and sooooo sorry about you. You probably over did it with the vacation and the new job. That's alot of stress. Anyhow. Thinking of you:)