I Love It When We're Cruisin' Together

The ship, Carnival Splendor, sailed the Mexican Riviera leaving from Long Beach, California, stopping in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta.  We sailed 11/4-11/11, and made the 5-1/2 hour drive from Phoenix to Long Beach!
The gang included our friends, Tan and Eric, that we met in Thatcher a year ago.  They're always up for a good time, and it was fun going with them!
We set sail on the other side of port from last year.  The half mini Epcot Center.
Our first dinner in the dining room...
Eric dancing during the waiters' song.
Day two was at sea, and days three and four we landed in Cabo!  Day one we spent walking around and hanging out at the beach below.
My hunk.
We saved Lover's Beach for day two in Cabo.  Lover's Beach is beautiful.  If you've never been, you're not supposed to swim because the waves break right on the beach and are strong enough to pull you out to sea or break your neck.  So you just run around in them like little kids.  FUN.
Before (below), where Eric sat for awhile.  Chillin'.
Hmmm. . .this wave looks a little bit bigger.
And after.  Haha!
Tan and I had a lot of fun dancing at the deck parties while the boys sat in chairs to watch (toooo cool).
Day five was in Puerto Vallarta.  My little slash old crappy camera died and I forgot the charger?, so you are graced with cell phone pictures.  I always worry about bringing my nicer camera around sand/water or on any water taxis, so I tend to leave it on the ship.  I'm too protective of it sometimes.  :/

Waiting for Tan & Eric by the elevators (our meeting spot) was always exciting.  I don't know what it is with Carnival, cuz we've sailed with them numerous times and it was TE's first cruise, and they got a way better cabin two stories higher when we booked together.  Carnival you are laaaaame.
One of the highlights of Pueto Vallarta is that Tan and I did a run on the outdoor track after dark while we were still at port.  The weather was perfect, and we ran around and had awesome views the entire time!
Day six was at sea and a glorious day it was.  Breakfast in bed, and read pretty much a whole book on deck.
The cell phone made me orange.
Day seven turned out to be. . .rather terrible actually.  I'm pretty sure my chocolate extravaganza breakfast had nothing to do with it...
We've never had problems with motion or seasickness on a cruise, but this day it was windy and we hit some super ronchy water.  Usually the ship seems to rock side to side at times like this, but it was going front to back as we smashed into waves, and we were in a front cabin getting most of the action.  Ugh.

I got sooooo sick.  Blech.  And if you've ever been seasick, there's not much you can do other than take some meds that help a little, but you just have to wait it out.  You can't lie down, and you can't sleep!  I had to walk around the ship during the night to trick my body into thinking I was doing the moving, and not the ship.  It helped a little.  That and sitting on the back deck, or our balcony.

A 10 second clip into the rocking madness. . .
But other than that (which made for a fun car ride home), it was a great trip.  I'm so glad Tan and Eric could come along.  Hopefully they enjoyed the cruise, and neither of them had any motion sickness problems, thank goodness!
Adorable towel animals:
That's all for now.  We made some great memories celebrating our two year anniversary.  What a great trip!  Have a great short work week (wahoo!)!!


  1. I am so jealous! Looks like you had a great time. I have not been on a cruise in over 10 years and really want to go on another one. You look beautiful in all your pictures :)

  2. LOVE the pictures, especially the "titanic" one of you :) I always wanted to do a cruise, looking at your pictures. I really want to do one NOW :)

  3. It looks like you had a whole lot of fun. You always look so cute and such a hot couple! Too bad you couldn't swim in the "wave" pool. Now that would have been a blast! I'm sorry you had to get sick, but it looks like it was worth it. I'm excited to go on our cruise in a week and a half! Woohoo! Very excited to see you!!! XO

  4. This Looks like so so much fun!!! My hubby and I went on a cruise to Bermuda once when my son was 7 mo tha old and it wasn't so fun. I'm way too much of a food snob and FYI don't take babies cruising. Not such a good idea but yours looked fab!!! Miss you too. I've been down and out lately but on the mend! Happy thanksgiving:)