12.1.12 <-----Fun Wedding Date

Saturday, December 1st, was my mom and Jeff's wedding day!  They got married south of Salt Lake in a nursery that my cousin previously got married in.  It was pretty neat inside and a fabulous day!  I'm glad we were able to fly up there to be a part of it.  Jeff is a great guy and they both are lucky to have each other.

She wore pink and looked so pretty!  Her colors were pink, black and white.  Perfect.  [We are most definitely related.]  Here is my take on the wedding. . . I will let the pictures speak for themselves. . .
We didn't have a rehearsal because they weren't that picky being this wasn't their first rodeo.  But Jolie and James ran through some songs beforehand, and we did some sound checks.
D.allin J.oseph was the DJfor the evening.  Ben hung with him for a bit while I ran around and helped my mom get ready!
My gymnast of a brother. . .lol
 One last look before walking down the aisle.
An overexposed Jeff and the bishop.
Trying to steal a look. . .
Also trying to steal a look. . .
Then my sister and brother sang, "The Gift."
Married! Annnnd eyes closed, shoot.
Then they danced off.  (They actually met at a dance.)
It is tradition that . . .um. . . I can't really remember the tradition.  lol  Something about the younger sibling getting married first, then the older one has to dance in a pig trough.  Scott danced in a pig trough waaaay back when, and this time around he got to do it again.  He tried to run away but my other uncle carried him back in.
He made my sister do it with him.
Then my sis and bro sang while they did their dances.
And randomly (planned) Gangnam Style started blasting and we jumped up and danced.  (I only know the main parts and made up the rest.)  Jeff was originally going to join, but I know he was being bashful because he hadn't had time to learn the mooooooves.
Here is my grams and her kids:  Dee, my mom Tracy, Dale, Tammy, grandma Jackie, Scott, Guy, Jim and Dave.
My cute photographer hubcap:
And we danced for a few hours. . .
Scott was standing next to the truck with a big bucket of water, and said, "here's for making me dance in the pig trough," and he soaked the car, tp and all.  Haha.
And they boarded a red eye to a Carribbean cruise, and we packed up and headed north to see our pops and puppy.  It was a great day and wish my mom and Jeff the best!!  Congratulations to the happy couple!!

What a fun weekend.  Family is the best!


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast!! :)

  2. Awwwww. Such a wondeful wedding!!! You and your siblings are so talented!!!! Your mom is so gorgeous!!! I can see where you Herriot good looks. Seriously!! So glad you all had a great time!!! Xoxox H

  3. It looked like a very pretty wedding! Congrats to your mom!!