Hark How the Bells

Winter has officially arrived around here!  We had a huge winter storm hit and it just poured all day today, and snowed in higher places (Flagstaff, etc.).  The streets don't get a lot of moisture, so the oil build up makes them slippery-er when it rains, and there were a lot of accidents as well.  Reminds me of of the anxiety I used to have driving in the snow.
It's really no surprise, but we didn't get a new tree this year.  I'm very cheap, but I love our little pink shoe tree (definitely our).  It doesn't have presents under it because today we started our Christmas shopping! I promised myself we wouldn't procrastinate, and look at us, we still have 10 days!  lol
I have been stressed about Christmas which is probably in combo with working my life away on how Christmas snuck up on us.  I was afraid to ask for time off (dreadful).  I started my new job 2+ months ago, they gave me a whole week off in November, and usually you don't get time off for the first 90 days!  I finally got the guts to ask my boss, and he was super cool about it.  I'm ridiculous sometimes.

This is my cube.  I'm by a giant window so I consider it pure luxury. . .
House hunting is still going, but a little more hopeful.  The home below was our offer #3, the only traditional sale we've offered on.  We decided not to counter back because we didn't think market value was anywhere near their #s.  Oh it was so cute and a 2-story.  So we decide to wait. . .
Offer #4 we put in on this past Monday, another Short Sale.  The home had multiple offers on it, but "the man behind the curtain" chose ours!!!  Finally.  But there is a lot to be done before we really can celebrate, . . .like the bank has to accept the offer.  And so we wait.  And wait.  Annnnd wait.  Goodness it is so cute.  Our Realtor told me to continue to keep my emotions out of this, but it's hard when you actually have your offer accepted.  4th time's a charm!
I've been meaning to post about our visit to my dad and incredibly adorable puppy a couple of weeks ago when we were up for the wedding.
Ben had this new and wonderful tradition idea of a gingerbread (graham cracker) house competition, so we all spent Sunday afternoon concocting our masterpieces.
My dad is a patient and genius guy, but his gingerbread house didn't reflect that.  Haha!  It was falling apart the whole time.  Like completely caving in.  And it was a giant mess. . .
If you look closely at the strips of paper, my dad won:
  • "Worst of Show = Loses"  
  • "Most Likely to Kill the People Living Inside of It"
  • "Most Architecturally Inept"
He was pretty proud.  He called me last week to tell me he discarded our masterpieces and no matter how many times he threw his in the garbage, it just wouldn't break.  It was that solidly built.  haha!
I won first place somehow.  Ya!!
It was a grand time.  We're excited to see more of our family next week.  Family is the best invention ever, and can't be taken for granted.  Have a happy holiday season.  :]


  1. First of all I LOVE your pink tree....ummm...couldn't get any more YOU if we tried:) Second that house is awesome. It's HUGE!! You better start popping out the kids if you get it:) Third, congrats on the ginger bread win. I think Ben's is the most UNIQUE!!!! DOn't stres about the holidays!! all will be okay. but don;t work too hard either:) love you girl!!!!

  2. Sooo exciting your offer was accepted! Hope all moves forward rather quickly and you can move in soon! Love the new tradition of building ginger bread houses, looks like a lot of fun!!

  3. I know what you mean. I am kinda stressing about Christmas also. It did kinda sneaked up on us. We got everyone else done but me and my husband and we can't shop until 5 days before Christmas so I am kinda freaking out myself. I love the gingerbread houses!! I hope the bank accepts your offer. ;)

  4. Hey, just saw you were going to so the peppermint spoons. So you either use Popsicle sticks or they sell sisposable wooden spoons at whole foods if you have one:) let me know how they turn out!