Mom is a Mrs. - Part II of II

Here are more glorious pictures from my mom's big day!  There are LOTS because I want them in my blogbook.  I just ordered a 400 page, hardcover blogbook for our 1st year married (lil behind) and it is going to be awesome.

BLOG2PRINT.COM  Publish your memories to put on your shelf.  It only takes like five/ten minutes start to finish and the books are great quality.  :]

For some reason Blogger messed up the order of these pictures.  Whatev. . .
Have a happy humpday!


  1. I just love her dress and all your lovely faces:)

  2. The pictures are gorgeous, and your mom looks stunning! Looks like it was a fun wedding :D

  3. haha. Loved seeing that my parents on your blog. :) Congrats to your sweet mama. She deserves all the happiness in the world!!

  4. I loved that her sons walked her down the aisle!!