5 Running Goals of 2014!

Update:  Shortly after setting these goals, we found out we were pregnant with our first lil Buhr!  Around week 18 my running took a halt and I solely focused on CrossFitting as per my doctor's encouragement to avoid high-impact activity, which I have chosen to follow (I am a worrier).

2014 will be a year of pregnancy and coming back strong, but the goals below have been tossed out the window for a minute!


I posted this on my new running blog, where I can rave about my obsession as much as I want.  :)  It is private to myself and Ben while I decide what exactly I want to do with it, but will make it public in a couple of weeks.  For now I copied the post below...
2014 arrives in just over two weeks!  That being said, Ben and I have spent some time creating all sorts of goals and resolutions for the year.  I have also come up with some running specific goals for the year...
I took this picture at a fairly busy street corner while deciding if I wanted to continue on my current route or not.  There was a creepy looking guy with his hood pulled up, that I'd be required to pass, and he kept looking back at me.  (I re-routed LOL).

Mileage Goal:
I was trying to come up with a # of miles to run in 2014, and decided that I would run the distance from where I live now (ish) to where I grew up (ish).  Or the distance from Phoenix, Arizona, to SLC, Utah.  The total mileage is 706+.

Technically it's over 100 miles less to go through Lake Powell, but this time I'm routing through Vegas.

That is just under 60 miles per month, or 15 miles per week which is easily attainable as long as I can stay off the injury list [and avoid being lazy].

Race Goal:
10 races of any distance!  Racing is really expensive, and we like to run them together which is a lot of fun, but also doubles the cost.  This year I hope to run 10 races of any distance (and possibly 3 Rock 'n Rolls with the tourpass Ben and I would like to purchase).  I neeeeed a PR.
Some likely options:
January - PF Changs Rock 'N Roll 1/2 (complete)
March - Phoenix 1/2 (sick)
April - SLC 1/2 (complete)
June - Beat the Heat 5k
November - Scottsdale Women's 1/2 or Phoenix 1/2
November - Las Vegas Rock 'N Roll 1/2
November - Local Turkey Trot?
December - Tucson 1/2
December - Jingle Bell 5k

Personal Record Goal:
If I commit to a marathon this year, I am fairly certain I will get that PR!  But either way, I would like a PR in any distance.  B goal is TWO PRs, but one will make me happy.  It has been awhile since I've run faster.  Besides the marathon, I think the distance I'm most likely to PR in is the 1/2.

Consistently Cross Train Goal:
A simple concept, but when you would rather run than spin, Zumba, CrossFit or lift weights, sometimes it is a hard concept to keep in motion.  I know I will benefit from this immensely.

Set a personal course record at the SLC 1/2:
This one shouldn't be too hard to do as long as we get some cooperating weather (something that we have lacked the past two years).  It's not a PR course, but it is my home town race that we run as a family, and is SO FUN!

SLC 2013:

SLC 2012:

As much as I'd like to add a full marathon to this goal list, there are too many factors to completely commit right now!  One being that I am not certain that my knee will cooperate when the time comes to increase my long runs.  I sure hope I'm over the bulk of the problem, but better safe than sorry.

Christmastime Is Here

  • Our house smells Christmas-y.  We don't have a real tree so I melt a big pine candle down into everlasting Reese's PB cup portions for our Scentsy.  Our house will probably still smell like pine come summer.

    • We bought our (definitely OUR) two favorite Christmas movies.  I think Home Alone #2 is my favorite.  Christmas Vacation is a close 3rd, but I like them all.

    • The weather took a dive in temperature, requiring fun extra scarf/beanie layers, everybody covering their plants/yards with sheets, and remembering our furnace hasn't been turned on once in two years (insert$dread).

    • Drinking hot beverages, like hot chocolate and spiced cider, become a part of our daily activity and somehow work their way into becoming my breakfast.

    • We hung up Christmas lights!  Next year we will figure out how to hang lights on the roof since we don't have a gutter in the front and don't really know how to attach them to ...non-gutter.  Maybe next year we will also plant a tree in the yard that we can also decorate.

    • We play background Christmas music throughout the house all day long, even though I work at my computer while watching [Christmas] movies all day, which occasionally drowns out the music anyways.

    • I wear the fuzzy Christmas socks that grandma always used to buy us and I still cherish.  I say, "Christmas socks," in a Mr. Bean voice, every time I put them on.

    • We eat Christmas cookies more than we probably should, and plan on running/working out extra to work them off.  These Pillsbury Pumpkin Cookies are pretty freaking good.

    • Church is in its prime with Christmas themed lessons all the while we get to sing all Christmas Hymns and practice Christmas songs in choir.

    • I get to play Christmas music on the piano, for hours, a huge highlight of the season for me.  (This is my sorry attempt at showcasing a Manheim Steamroller music book.  The fun thing about Manheim is you can play along with the CD because they are in the same key!)

    • We make big plans with our family and get psyched about family traditions that are creeping near.  These guys are pretty stoked to get together...

    • I add Christmas music to my playlist.  I think about wearing green and red when I'm running, or a Santa hat.  And we start seeking out Jingle Bell runs (found one!).

    • We all start to think about our goals for 2014 and can't believe it's going to be 2014!!  Not to mention Christmas is exactly two weeks away!

    Christmas is my favorite time of year and possibly our favorite time of year now that Ben has had a few seasons living with his Christmasize-everything, wife.

    I hope you're having an enjoyable Christmas season with your own traditions, whatever they may be.

    Happy humpday!!

    3 Things Th...Tuesday

    Three great things that will be going on our fridge today, that I want to share:

    Happy Tuesday!

    Thanksgiving Times

    Ho ho ho...it's officially Christmas time, the happiest time of the year!!  (...unless you are Rykar and have to be dressed for the occasion.)

    We have been enjoying our holiday time off work with some yummy snacks now that the weather has gotten cold.
    Caramel whipped topping = delish.

    Along with:  
    Going through boxes from my childhood days and finding funny journals with entries like these:

    Finding pictures of my elementary bff Melanie and me:

    Going to Cold Stone for free ice cream:
    Because ASU beat UofU in football and my boss lost the bet (my husband is an ASU grad).

    Making a new medal hanger which I think is really cool!!  (Made by Ben.):

    Obtaining a FREE picture from the Vegas race (sadly Ben missed this camera) and free race pictures are rare to come by:

    Admiring the sweet sunsets:
    Sunday driving around yet another place we want to live...this massive house on boulders.  (We are like 10 million dollars short.):
    I don't believe AZ to be a likely candidate for an earthquake.  Let's sure hope not.  We couldn't get through the gate so we couldn't capture the complete amazing-ness of these boulder-built, 9 car garage, valley overlooking pool, homes.

    And last but not least, Thanksgiving!

    It seems to be a growing tradition where I fail at capturing Thanksgiving memories and just live in the moment while soaking up all the things we are blessed with:  family, friends, inlaws' inlaws that have us over for Thanksgiving each and every year (thank you!!), our missionary brother, our lil pup, our health, a beautiful nearly scorpion-free home, Christmas music, sunshine, a welcoming ward, running and other hobbies we can do together, etc.  We are truly blessed.

    Living in the moment is necessary, but my brain is terrible at remembering things like it used to.  Next year I will step it up and have something to show other than pictures of my freaking cute Italian Greyhound.

    This year was our 3rd Thanksgiving in Thatcher.  Poor Ryke woke up sicker than sick so that was crappy when he threw up in the car.  :(  Another bout of "empty stomach syndrome."
    Usually he's better in a couple of hours after he eats something, but with the long car ride and crazy day, it lasted all day until I force fed him.  Walah... all better.  Magic.

    After Thanksgiving dinner/lunch/whatever, the tradition is to shoot rockets off and the kids run after them as the rockets parachute down into the surrounding cotton fields.  This is something I think my mom's family would totally do.  We all sit around to spectate.

    My inlaws have a new fluffy, cute puppy, Tucker, who was rather enjoying our dog/my fluffy boots, so we spent a lot of time going on walks.  :]  Haha!
    ...all around our old stomping grounds.
    And hanging out on their front porch enjoying the weather...
    It was a nice Thanksgiving and somehow it has come and gone just like that.  And we didn't get a group pic.  Shoot.  Next year.  Definitely.  :]

    Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

    Vegas Anniversary & Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon

    We rolled into Vegas last weekend for our anniversary getaway fun.  Aaaah.  Missed this beautiful disaster of a city.  Hellooooooo.
    First things first, the expo.  This was our first Rock 'n Roll and all we knew was to expect BIG and LOTS.  It was at the Las Vegas Convention Center and was pretty much what we were expecting.  We always seem to go to the expo after traveling, so we don't spend a lot of time.  But we did gawk over the amazing Garmin 620.
    We stayed at...City Center!  Aria.
    The room was awesome in Aria and when you opened the shower door you see the bathtub as well.  Cool.  Why have I not seen this before?
    When you're ready for bed you push the goodnight button next to the bed, and all the lights go out, tv off, and the curtains close.  Fancy.
    This year there was a new addition to the Vegas marathon/ half, with a 1/4 marathon, aka "1/2 of the 1/2," or 6.5 miles total.  I was planning to bump down to run this race after my injury in September, but an hour before the start time I changed my tune completely!  Random.
    The 1/4 marathon started an hour earlier than the others and it ran down the strip in the daylight, ending at Fremont Street which is also near the downtown area of complete creeperville, and would leave me miles from Ben at his finish line.  Hmmm.
    "I want to start with you!"
    The time limit was 5:00 for the 1/2, so I knew that if all else fails, I could walk it and make the time limit and still get some of the experience.  I told myself that I had to be smart, that there would be no reason to push myself and reverse any recovery from the previous 6-8 weeks, considering the furthest I had run nonstop was 2 miles. 
    There were 30 or so corrals, and each was let go about a minute apart.  For having twice as many people as Disney, there was a lot more space here so it felt less cramped. 
    The first 8 miles or so were straight down the strip and full of a spectators galore, lights, loud music and a huge goofy grin on my face.  Eventually we were north of the strip in the sketchy area previously mentioned, and the route looped around an area that I wouldn't be too comfortable driving around at night.  It was pretty shady, but I must note that I never felt unsafe with the loads of runners surrounding, and the officers and volunteers along the way.  But it was definitely an interesting area to route a huge marathon and screamed, "we ran out of running room on the strip...run around creepster block real quick."
    I hit mile ten about five minutes prior to my original pre-injury goal for this race, and my leg had just started showing signs of overall distress, not particular to just my knee (which I considered a good thing).  I stopped and did some stretching but only made it about 1/10th a mile after that.  So I walked the rest and finished in 2:48:03 (Garmin).  And it was still an awesome experience and the medal was super heavy.  Worth it.
    I wore my glow in the dark shoes and the medals glow in the dark which is pretty cool.
    Ben had a fairly rough go of it.  He passed me going the opposite way on the strip around 1:20 and didn't look too happy.  He got a side stitch at mile 8 and it never went away, and his Garmin also decided to tell him he was running an 18 minute mile.  Suck.  I think we kind of blew his race with our lack of pre-race planning/skipping meals and such.  He still finished in a great 1:42:31 (Garmin).
    We went on an official anniversary date and ate at Texas De Brazil at Town Square, a favorite.  They say you need two hours for the full experience.  20 minutes later I was pretty much chuck full.
    Followed by Aria's cirque show:
    And followed by trying to re-live a night in 2009, by dressing up, staying out ridiculously late on the strip, rating all of the stilettos that walked by, and watching the Bellagio fountains.
    We don't last as long as we used to.
    But it sure was a fun time together.
    Rykar got ice cream and an extra two hours of play time every. single. day. we were gone because I made a mistake at the puppy daycare.  Haha  Spoiled lil bum.
    Check out his new socks.   He definitely loathes them.

    Another anniversary trip down, and another fun race weekend in the books.  I'm very grateful I was able to run and am looking forward to the next one.

    I hope you all have a great day!!  Anyone up for Vegas 2014??