Today I Quit My Job & Yeah

(I do a lot of Photoshopping of my head on things, etc. which is why I'm so good at it if you were wondering).  But if you haven't been on my Facebook account today, then you haven't heard that I quit my job this evening.  What a day is all I can say, holy fetch.

I shall vent. . .

I won't go into the everything because it's long and boring, but today I went into work to read an email saying that my job had now changed, thus my hours were now going to be more (uh).  We had a meeting about it, and I told them if my job was changing that my pay should change as well.  Their response was essentially no.

The problem is the new hours would require me to quit my morning at home job, that I've been with for 6-1/2 years, that is way more secure than a job I've been with for four whole months.  They argued that even though I have only been there four months, it was a very secure job with a bright future and growth ahead.  

So that was my ultimatum.

So I thought about it, called Ben and discussed it, then I went to my boss and told him that having that ultimatum, "I quit."  I actually lit into him about how bogus the situation was and that an ultimatum was not the way to get me there more (I had nothing to lose at this point).  They were sincerely shocked that I was walking out?  I guess I appear to be a pushover or something...  I really don't know.

My boss asked me to keep coming to work to help out until they hire somebody new (I left on fine terms with my boss).  Half hour later I brought him my keys and work manuals, and he looked at me and said, "did you change your mind, you aren't coming in tomorrow??"  Then he said he was putting together a new offer now that I've been there for a few months.  
At this point I feel like it shouldn't take quitting to get an offer I originally deserved.  So I came home and applied to two jobs, haven't decided if I'm going back tomorrow or not.  I actually stayed until almost 7 tonight to help get a bid out because I feel bad for my co-worker whom is about to be back to doing it on his own.

That's the abridged version of my saga.  The tragedy in all this is I actually really liked my job and went every day because I really wanted to.  The work was challenging and made time fly.  I guess this story is to be continued. . .and I guess I'm going to go to bed.  I'm exhausted.  

Two days to Friday!!

If you want to see my little brother's missionary blog that my dad will be uploading his pictures/stories to, here it is:

"Brutal Truth is a Beautiful Thing"

I did this for my friend, Hannah, a year or so ago but never posted it on my own blog.  It's for an interview process she calls "Brutal Truth is a Beautiful Thing." 

Here are the questions:

What's your greatest weakness?
I'm a perfectionist and really hard on myself.  I'm a pro at knocking myself down, but thankfully my husband is great at pointing out the goodness.

What's your greatest strength?
I'm determined and I follow through!  If I decide to do a project or challenge, I'll finish it even if it seems a little over the top to others.

What has emotionally crippled you in your lifetime?
Worry!!!  I've always worried irrationally.  Most specifically I worry about those I love getting hurt or in a car accident.  Worrying can be exhausting sometimes.
Then I almost lost my husband six days before our wedding, in a cave, when a boulder fell off a ledge and landed on him.  It happened in front of me, and I feel like that has thrown me into more of a worry frenzy than ever before.  I can't get that image out of my mind, or the noise the boulder made.  It was horrible.  Ugh.

I spent a few hours keeping him awake while the others went for help.  (Search and rescue gave us pictures.)
What has elated you with joy in your lifetime?
My hubby the last three awesome years I've known him, my hilarious family, my singing Mini Italian Greyhound, and materialistically...SHOES!  The combination of the four has made for much enjoyment!!

I have a "shoe room" in my home where my hubby built some shelves and I store my nearly 400 pairs!  I'm a sucker for high heels.

How much have you evolved since your teenage years?  Are you a similar person?
I was soooo free spirited and easy going back then, and I think the knowledge of REALITY, since then, has changed me!!  I'm still really friendly, but a little closed off at first.  But I think besides growing up...I'm not that different!!

What's something you don't want to tell us about?
I moved to AZ last summer and started working from home and spend a majority of my days in my pajamas, and then my afternoons/evenings are spent in my workout attire.  I guess I'd rather sleep in an hour since rarely people see me while I work!?

When the world is crashing down on you, where do you go?
Either running or to the piano.  Both are GREAT outlets when stressed, and even on happy days.  (Isn't my pup soooo cute!?)

Do you have any goals?  What are they?
I loooove to run, and I want to a run a full marathon!!  In fact, that is one of things Hanna and I started conversing over in the first place.  We are both training and on, a motivational spot for runners.  I am a third through my Hal Higdon training for the Salt Lake City Marathon in April!  I'm excited to make a trip "home" with my hubby, to fulfill this!
Can you honestly say you love what you do?
I spend my days on AutoCAD drafting and designing for a company in SLC.  I love that I can get lost in a project which makes time pass quickly (wahoo!).  It has been a good choice so far.

Who has been the single most influential person in your lifetime thus far?
My dad!!  He has been through enough and his faith and attitude never fails.  When I would go through breakups in college, etc., he would stay up all night playing ping pong with me to keep my mind from wandering and getting me down, even when he wakes up at 6.  His glass is always full.  My dad is so awesome!!
Honestly, we are all striving for something.  What is your greatest goal in life?  I'm not talking about money!
Always communicate with my husband, even years and years down the road.  We're determined to make this marriage the best it can be!!

Name your most defining moment!
Our wedding day!!  My husband (or...fiance I guess) just was released from the hospital, and since he survived the ordeal, it made it an even more amazing day for everybody!!  Those were stressful days though.  I woke up at 2:30 A.M. on our wedding day.  lol  And Ben was on Morphine and Lortab.

It was perfect.  The weather was beautiful.  Everyone was in town.  Awh.  I love him!!
Are there people in your past you wish you could make amends with?
There are always people that I have great memories with and wish I didn't grow apart from.  But I'm also comfortable with leaving any toxic friendships behind, and surrounding myself with those that bring me up.  Positive relationships are soooo important!

What memory will be forever burned in your mind to the point where you can smell the room and feel the energy?
I met my husband on Facebook and eventually flew to Vegas to meet him.  The smell of a casino brings me back to our very first date at a Cirque show.  I don't like the smell of cigarettes by any means, but there's something I just like about the casino smell now.  Maybe that's weird.  Meh.
What movie and/or book speaks to you?
Oh dear...hmmm get back to me.  lol
What is your greatest wish right here and now?
Ben and I want to live in the city so badly.  We moved to a small town last summer.  It seems to suit families so well here, but we would love to get to Phoenix or back to Vegas before we start our family.

Things have obviously changed since I did this, and we did move back to the city about 8 months ago!!  It has been a wonderful change of pace.  Thanks Hannah!  :]

Happiness of 2013

Today was such a wonderful . . .sad day.  Let me first explain the terrible sadness to you.  It was the PF Chang's Marathon that I started training for back in September, downgrading to the 1/2 due to my right shin, and then pulling out completely due to my left hip of all things (it's probably all connected).  I decided my body was begging for rest and I took six weeks off, and now I'm being very careful in building my mileage back up.  But alas, CONGRATS to all my PF Chang's friends!!!

The happiness is we had visitors this weekend. . .Ben's family.  We got to spend the whole weekend together which was fun.
They were nice enough to let us take them all around.  The temple is coming along quickly.  I'm amazed at how clean the jobsite always is.  So pretty.
The 2-story home across the street from the home we have an accepted offer on (and are waiting through the short sale process) just went on the market on Friday, so we met our Realtor out there and took Ben's family along to see the area.  We are still looking at other homes to keep from putting "all our eggs in one basket" in case our home doesn't work out.  The home we are trying to buy is set to foreclose on March 21st, so I guess that means we'll know one way or the other by then, if it will be ours or not.

But anyways, we got to the front door of this 2-story to find out that it was temporarily pulled right back off the market.  So we went through "our house" instead.  It's still the gem I remember it to be.

Another happiness. . . 
I'm registered for the DUMBO DOUBLE DARE at Disneyland, over my birthday (Happy Birthday me!!!).  James (brother) is running it, and (Jolie) sister is as well.  My dad and Ben are doing the Saturday 10k.  The race goes on sale on Tuesday, but rumor has it that it's nearly full just from pre-registration.

This will be all our first Disney races (except Jo).  The Dumbo Dare is a 10k Saturday, and 1/2 marathon Sunday.  One medal for each race and another medal for completing them both.  I am stoked as.

Happiness #3. . .
We are registered for the SL Marathon!  Last year everyone ran the half and I did the full.  This year Jolie, James and my dad are going for the full, and Ben and I are most likely just doing the half.  It is going to be an awesome time.  Being that it's 3 months away (exactly), you all should start training and join in too.  They have a full, half marathon and a 5k (and a bike tour).

A couple other races we're planning on next month are the Retro Run that we ran last year, and the Spartan.  I'm not really as excited about the Spartan this year as I was last year.  And I don't think the Ragnar will happen since my mileage is so low right now, but we're going to just take it a day at a time and "run smart," and foam roll/stretch like it's my 3rd job.

Happiness D and so forth. . .
Last weekend it was way below normal temps and people's pipes were bursting at night.  This weekend the temps went above normal to the open door weather, range.  I love the open door weather and Sunday walks.
This weekend my wonderful friend also cut my hair.
This upcoming weekend is my brother's mission farewell up in Utah (I can't believe this btw).  That means my sweet Italian Greyhound is ready to come live with us.  We have worked him into our lease and as soon as we can figure out how to get him here, he will officially be ours!  If anybody is driving from SLC towards Phoenix and would be willing to drive him, please!!  I will pay you!!  I don't think he could fit comfortably in a carry-on on an airplane this upcoming weekend, and I know he'd wig out, so I'm not quite sure what to do to get him here stat.  He is so cute.  Just look at him.  :]
Have a wonderful week and happy Sunday!!  Ben is currently watching "The Court Jester" on tv, a childhood favorite of his family.  It's actually pretty hilarious.

Anyone running Disney or SL?

As of late...

So far 2013 has been busy that we haven't thought about resolutions yet (maybe clean off my desk).  My brain has e-x-p-l-o-d-e-d into explosion-ness after working 65 hours this week.  I knew taking on a 2nd job there'd be busy weeks here and there, and now is that time.  Better than the contrary though.  I am grateful for the work.
 I still make sure to eat a balanced, healthy breakfast.
By the time the weekend rolled around, we decided to explore a new park in Phoenix, Thunderbird Conservation Park.  It's next to the temple that is being built, so if you look closely you can see it in some of the pics.  We'd hoped to hit more trails this winter, but after getting sick in the fall and dealing with IT problems (my old fogey hip) it just hasn't happened.  Thank goodness it is only January and we still have months to change that.
One of my most favorite things about winter is how scorpions become a distant memory, a thing of the past, just a nightmare nothing more (nothing less).  I also really love blue sky.  For some reason I never appreciated the sky until the past couple years.  It is my absolute fav which is why this post is an overdose of SKY.
These are my sweet pink Under Armour compression tights.
To add to excitement as of late, a new Ann Rule book, and a new Brandon Sanderson book A MEMORY OF LIGHT which Ben absolutely burned through after looking forward to for . . .ever.  Cute Ben.
And polka dots.
Still no new updates on our house other than it is in negotiation.  The bank said they want more money for it (typical), and the Realtor said it's not worth more.  So the bank continues to negotiate and we continue to look at other homes all the while hoping this short sale pans out... and soon!

Have a fabulous week!

Year 2012!

We only moved once this past year so it was a success!!  haha  But it really was a fun year.  We have loved being able to do whatever we want, when we want to do it, and will look back at these years with so many fond memories.

When I lived with my dad (for many years), he used to walk past me while I played the piano into the night, and he would stop, listen for a bit and then smile and say, "these are such good days.  I will miss them when they're gone."  He couldn't have been more accurate, and it really has taught me to enjoy and absorb the moment, but to capture it when possible, too.  Here are some [almost all] happy moments captured in 2012...

January - Retro 10k we got 2nd in our age groups.  FUN!!

February - Super Spartan Arizona with Team Nemesis

February - One of these creatures made its way into our bed [making it known to my ankle at like 2am].  :(

February - Forcing us to sleep here for ... like ever.

February - Arizona Ragnar Relay, running on the Runner's Den team after we signed onto the team the day before.

March - Ran the Gladiator with Team Nemesis.

April - Easter egg competition with our friends Jake and Sarah.

April - Ran SLC marathon and the fam ran the half.  A GREAT day.

Documented the entire marathon by carrying my camera on my belt!!  Made this awesome video [in that free Windows Moviemaker program] and wrote some background music.

April - Ran the Warrior Dash with Team Nemesis

May - Moved out of the [scorpion] house in Thatcher, and to the city!

May - Our first AZ hikes:  Camelback and Pinnacle Peak

June - Participated in Juneathon, running/working out and blogging every. single. day.

June - Went on a fun family vacation to Cali, spending the first half with mom and second half with dad!

June - Ran a race while on vaca.

July - Went to Flagstaff & Sedona for Ben's 34th birthday!

August - My brother came for a whole week (during the Olympics), and we lived it up.  We also have had some visits from Ben's family!


August - We saw our first haboob in person.

August - Monsoon season is so awesome.

August - STRESS.  My work computer died, thus I about died.

August - Worked through posterior tibial tendinitis with my PT, starting with some new sweet kicks.  (Got over the tendinitis, but have since been dealing with IT hip problems, which halted training for a month.)

August - Mom and Jeff got engaged!

September - Went to Vegas for my 28th birthday.

October - Started a new job and now work like a crazy person.  It's awesome.

October - Ran our first race for fall.

October - Put an offer in on our 1st home and didn't get it.

October - Bought the world's largest gummy worm.  (Still have most of it.)

October - Ran a 10k together (by together I mean he kicked my booter).

October - Witnessed an accident while on a run and was first to both victims, one of whom went through the windshield by not wearing a SEATBELT.

October - Ben placed 1st in his AG and in the top 10 overall at the Gladiator!!!

October - My brother was called to serve in the Tucson, AZ mission, and we all Google Chatted to watch him open his call.  He leaves February 6th, and his farewell is January 27th.

November - Celebrated 2 years married, with some friends!

December - Mom got married to a great guy!

December - Our 4th offer on a home was finally the one accepted!!  But it is a short sale so we wait...

December - We had Christmas in Utah, a wonderful (super snowy) time!
Sorry, I always get too detailed in these posts.  So much fun.

Hope you have a great 2013.  Here's to many new and fun memories!

[And one more thing I found out this past year, life is naturally so much more cheerful when you're not on birth control (slash hormone screwer-uppers).]