As of late...

So far 2013 has been busy that we haven't thought about resolutions yet (maybe clean off my desk).  My brain has e-x-p-l-o-d-e-d into explosion-ness after working 65 hours this week.  I knew taking on a 2nd job there'd be busy weeks here and there, and now is that time.  Better than the contrary though.  I am grateful for the work.
 I still make sure to eat a balanced, healthy breakfast.
By the time the weekend rolled around, we decided to explore a new park in Phoenix, Thunderbird Conservation Park.  It's next to the temple that is being built, so if you look closely you can see it in some of the pics.  We'd hoped to hit more trails this winter, but after getting sick in the fall and dealing with IT problems (my old fogey hip) it just hasn't happened.  Thank goodness it is only January and we still have months to change that.
One of my most favorite things about winter is how scorpions become a distant memory, a thing of the past, just a nightmare nothing more (nothing less).  I also really love blue sky.  For some reason I never appreciated the sky until the past couple years.  It is my absolute fav which is why this post is an overdose of SKY.
These are my sweet pink Under Armour compression tights.
To add to excitement as of late, a new Ann Rule book, and a new Brandon Sanderson book A MEMORY OF LIGHT which Ben absolutely burned through after looking forward to for . . .ever.  Cute Ben.
And polka dots.
Still no new updates on our house other than it is in negotiation.  The bank said they want more money for it (typical), and the Realtor said it's not worth more.  So the bank continues to negotiate and we continue to look at other homes all the while hoping this short sale pans out... and soon!

Have a fabulous week!


  1. You look gorgeous in the last shot!!! And I MUST have those pink compression tights!!!! I want them NOW even though my thunder thighs wouldn't earns a chance of getting squeezed in:) xoxoxox Hanna so sorry about the work. I totally feel you and remember working that Many hours well and it was not pleasant! Have a great weekend friend!!!

  2. Love your breakfast haha! I love the pictures of the scenery, it is gorgeous. Those pink compression tights are awesome, and very bright. Hope everything goes through with the house - sucks that the bank wants more for it.