Happiness of 2013

Today was such a wonderful . . .sad day.  Let me first explain the terrible sadness to you.  It was the PF Chang's Marathon that I started training for back in September, downgrading to the 1/2 due to my right shin, and then pulling out completely due to my left hip of all things (it's probably all connected).  I decided my body was begging for rest and I took six weeks off, and now I'm being very careful in building my mileage back up.  But alas, CONGRATS to all my PF Chang's friends!!!

The happiness is we had visitors this weekend. . .Ben's family.  We got to spend the whole weekend together which was fun.
They were nice enough to let us take them all around.  The temple is coming along quickly.  I'm amazed at how clean the jobsite always is.  So pretty.
The 2-story home across the street from the home we have an accepted offer on (and are waiting through the short sale process) just went on the market on Friday, so we met our Realtor out there and took Ben's family along to see the area.  We are still looking at other homes to keep from putting "all our eggs in one basket" in case our home doesn't work out.  The home we are trying to buy is set to foreclose on March 21st, so I guess that means we'll know one way or the other by then, if it will be ours or not.

But anyways, we got to the front door of this 2-story to find out that it was temporarily pulled right back off the market.  So we went through "our house" instead.  It's still the gem I remember it to be.

Another happiness. . . 
I'm registered for the DUMBO DOUBLE DARE at Disneyland, over my birthday (Happy Birthday me!!!).  James (brother) is running it, and (Jolie) sister is as well.  My dad and Ben are doing the Saturday 10k.  The race goes on sale on Tuesday, but rumor has it that it's nearly full just from pre-registration.

This will be all our first Disney races (except Jo).  The Dumbo Dare is a 10k Saturday, and 1/2 marathon Sunday.  One medal for each race and another medal for completing them both.  I am stoked as.

Happiness #3. . .
We are registered for the SL Marathon!  Last year everyone ran the half and I did the full.  This year Jolie, James and my dad are going for the full, and Ben and I are most likely just doing the half.  It is going to be an awesome time.  Being that it's 3 months away (exactly), you all should start training and join in too.  They have a full, half marathon and a 5k (and a bike tour).

A couple other races we're planning on next month are the Retro Run that we ran last year, and the Spartan.  I'm not really as excited about the Spartan this year as I was last year.  And I don't think the Ragnar will happen since my mileage is so low right now, but we're going to just take it a day at a time and "run smart," and foam roll/stretch like it's my 3rd job.

Happiness D and so forth. . .
Last weekend it was way below normal temps and people's pipes were bursting at night.  This weekend the temps went above normal to the open door weather, range.  I love the open door weather and Sunday walks.
This weekend my wonderful friend also cut my hair.
This upcoming weekend is my brother's mission farewell up in Utah (I can't believe this btw).  That means my sweet Italian Greyhound is ready to come live with us.  We have worked him into our lease and as soon as we can figure out how to get him here, he will officially be ours!  If anybody is driving from SLC towards Phoenix and would be willing to drive him, please!!  I will pay you!!  I don't think he could fit comfortably in a carry-on on an airplane this upcoming weekend, and I know he'd wig out, so I'm not quite sure what to do to get him here stat.  He is so cute.  Just look at him.  :]
Have a wonderful week and happy Sunday!!  Ben is currently watching "The Court Jester" on tv, a childhood favorite of his family.  It's actually pretty hilarious.

Anyone running Disney or SL?


  1. I am also registered for the Dumbo Dare! Don't feel bad about downgrading. I just did the same thing and I am glad I did. You have to be 100% to run a marathon or you can injury yourself even more. Smart decision. Good luck with the house!

  2. Ohhhh Christy!!!! I am longing to run soooooo badly. I can feel it deep down in my soul, I miss it so! Just reading about all those fantastic races makes me CRAZY!!!! I am guessing I can start running running a month after the baby is born and I CANNOT WAIT! I don't care how fat and out of shape I am, I just want to RUN!
    SO excited about your house. I can;t wait to see all kinds of pics. Your hair looks great! I always consider going shorter and then do and then want it long again:) FICKLE!!!

  3. How fun you are running the Salt Lake Half. I just got asked today if I would pace the 2:30 group. If you think about it stop and say hi before the race starts. I'm sure you are waaaaaayyyyy faster than that!

  4. Sounds like your happiness far outweighs any bad news! That is so exciting about signing up for all of the runs, and for the house!!

  5. Ahhh so cute. I heard there was a pet airline where dogs where in the regular seat. Not sure if they are still in business, you might want to google it!