I'll Be Home For Christmas

Christmas Day we slept in until 8 or 8:30am (yay).  It was such a great day!!  The fact that it was here and already gone makes me so sad!!!  I refuse to take down the Christmas tree.

The morning we spend with my mom, the afternoon with my dad, and the night with Ben's family.  So it's a busy day with lots of traveling, but oh so fun.
 My bro is awesome because he goes to BYU and brings Monster to class.  lol
I can count on Christmas to expand my shoe collection.  Here are some beauts:
I only captured one moment between my dad's house and Ben's dad's house.  :/
So it was supposed to start snowing late Christmas night, and it wasn't supposed to stop for 2+ days so I was getting stressed thinking about us driving back in it, especially without 4WD.  If you know me, you know that my fear in life is car accidents, so it's an anxiety I've always dealt with. . .driving in the SNOW.  *shudder*

Sardine Canyon was terrible.  Coming out of the canyon (as we headed into it) a big white van started sliding down sideways and I started wiggin' out as we watched it go past us.  They were going way too fast, maybe 50ish.  They missed hitting cars, but spun around and slammed into a pole.

We definitely got our snow fix for the year (life).  My Utah boss told me they closed the canyon unless you had chains/4WD.  Barely made it through I guess.
Fresh snow is really pretty if you don't have to drive anywhere in it.  This was kind of just bad timing.  Thank goodness I brought a pair of flats.

The day after Christmas was our annual extended family Christmas party, on my mom's side, at the Classic Fun Center.  This has been a tradition for. . .ever.  Since I was a young kid at least.  We used to go to Classic Skating in Ogden before they tore that one down.  So many memories.
So. . .usually I'm not the ONLY photographer in my family, but this year I mostly was (except my mom).  Including during Lasertag.  There were limited guns so I opted to shoot the camera.  I shot it 90+ times but will grace you with a small fraction of those.  [It was dark, so my lil camera had some battles with focusing.]
I don't want to be living with my mom, step dad, brother and sister during the zombie Apocalypse.
[Still snowing.]
We drove home Thursday and it was still a blizzard out.  It was a very slow drive and took us 9 hours to get to Vegas.  We usually don't go through Vegas at all, but our regular route was blizzarding (it was a blizzard all the way until an hour out from Phoenix that way!!  Crazy.).  The snow let up a half hour before St. George, and it ended up being 13+ hours home instead of 10.  Oh well.  Maybe next year will be better?  jk  [I'm saving money for flights and loads of luggage starting NOW.  There is also talk of an Arizona Christmas. . .]
Hope you have a Happy New Year!!  It feels like Monday but it's so not.  Awesome.


  1. LOL That Laser Tag score is CRAZY! We've had drives like that too (in MARCH even). I HATE them. We had a car accident in 2007 on I-17 and it was so scary. Luckily we were all fine, while our poor Camry still bears the scars from it (on the to fix list...). I'm glad you were both safe.

  2. You guys always do such fun activities!!! Looks like such a fun time. Your so funny about your shoes. I can't even keep track of the few pairs I have!!!!

  3. Your family is soo much fun!! I'm glad you made it safely through the snow.

  4. Laser tag look like so much fun..