Year 2012!

We only moved once this past year so it was a success!!  haha  But it really was a fun year.  We have loved being able to do whatever we want, when we want to do it, and will look back at these years with so many fond memories.

When I lived with my dad (for many years), he used to walk past me while I played the piano into the night, and he would stop, listen for a bit and then smile and say, "these are such good days.  I will miss them when they're gone."  He couldn't have been more accurate, and it really has taught me to enjoy and absorb the moment, but to capture it when possible, too.  Here are some [almost all] happy moments captured in 2012...

January - Retro 10k we got 2nd in our age groups.  FUN!!

February - Super Spartan Arizona with Team Nemesis

February - One of these creatures made its way into our bed [making it known to my ankle at like 2am].  :(

February - Forcing us to sleep here for ... like ever.

February - Arizona Ragnar Relay, running on the Runner's Den team after we signed onto the team the day before.

March - Ran the Gladiator with Team Nemesis.

April - Easter egg competition with our friends Jake and Sarah.

April - Ran SLC marathon and the fam ran the half.  A GREAT day.

Documented the entire marathon by carrying my camera on my belt!!  Made this awesome video [in that free Windows Moviemaker program] and wrote some background music.

April - Ran the Warrior Dash with Team Nemesis

May - Moved out of the [scorpion] house in Thatcher, and to the city!

May - Our first AZ hikes:  Camelback and Pinnacle Peak

June - Participated in Juneathon, running/working out and blogging every. single. day.

June - Went on a fun family vacation to Cali, spending the first half with mom and second half with dad!

June - Ran a race while on vaca.

July - Went to Flagstaff & Sedona for Ben's 34th birthday!

August - My brother came for a whole week (during the Olympics), and we lived it up.  We also have had some visits from Ben's family!


August - We saw our first haboob in person.

August - Monsoon season is so awesome.

August - STRESS.  My work computer died, thus I about died.

August - Worked through posterior tibial tendinitis with my PT, starting with some new sweet kicks.  (Got over the tendinitis, but have since been dealing with IT hip problems, which halted training for a month.)

August - Mom and Jeff got engaged!

September - Went to Vegas for my 28th birthday.

October - Started a new job and now work like a crazy person.  It's awesome.

October - Ran our first race for fall.

October - Put an offer in on our 1st home and didn't get it.

October - Bought the world's largest gummy worm.  (Still have most of it.)

October - Ran a 10k together (by together I mean he kicked my booter).

October - Witnessed an accident while on a run and was first to both victims, one of whom went through the windshield by not wearing a SEATBELT.

October - Ben placed 1st in his AG and in the top 10 overall at the Gladiator!!!

October - My brother was called to serve in the Tucson, AZ mission, and we all Google Chatted to watch him open his call.  He leaves February 6th, and his farewell is January 27th.

November - Celebrated 2 years married, with some friends!

December - Mom got married to a great guy!

December - Our 4th offer on a home was finally the one accepted!!  But it is a short sale so we wait...

December - We had Christmas in Utah, a wonderful (super snowy) time!
Sorry, I always get too detailed in these posts.  So much fun.

Hope you have a great 2013.  Here's to many new and fun memories!

[And one more thing I found out this past year, life is naturally so much more cheerful when you're not on birth control (slash hormone screwer-uppers).]  



  1. I loved this post:) I remember each and every month and it seems like yesterday except now I'm 60 pounds heavier and can't run 1/4 a mile:( ohhhhhhh Chrsity, seriously I am DYING to run, almost literally!!! We will run a race together this year!!! We must!!! We must!!!!! Love you girl

  2. Loved looking at your awesome 2012. You and Ben look so incredibly happy! Fingers crossed things go quickly with your house.

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment. I take all my own photos. I have a tripod and a remote control and then I edit them too:) have a great weekend Christy!!!