Dropping Dil Off & Celebrity Race Times

All morning I thought about how I was here, working in my pajamas like old times (and looking as publicly unacceptable as possible), while many of my family were eating lunch together before going to drop Dallin off at the MTC.  But it's official, he is on a mission!!!  Love you bro.
I already wrote him a letter this morning at DearElder.com (free!) which means he will receive it the same day.  His current schedule is to head to Tucson, AZ, on 2/18.  He will do amazing!  His addresses are listed on his blog:  http://elderdallinhales.blogspot.com/
This (below) is Dil's girlfriend, Maddi, whom left on a misson two weeks ago.  They will briefly see each other at the MTC before she heads to San Diego to serve for 18 months.
What a couple of hardworking and memorable years Dallin is about to have.  I can't wait to hear about his journey as he serves the Lord!

Anywho...on that note, I found this in my drafts folder from awhile back, but it's awesome-fun information:

In a Runner's World magazine many, many months ago, it listed some celebrities and their half or full marathon times.  I would name the person and make Ben guess their time, and most of the time he was surprised.  I have learned that I can't judge a runner by his/her physique.  50% of the time I am way off!

The FULL marathon:
Apolo Ohno - 3:25:12 @ 2011 NYC Marathon (7:50 pace) (source)

George Bush - 3:44:52 @ 1993 Houston Marathon (8:35 pace) (source)

Ryan Reynolds - 3:50:22 @ 2008 NYC Marathon (8:48 pace) (source)

Will Ferrell - 3:56:12 @ 2003 Boston Marathon (9:01 pace)  (source)

Alanis Morrissette - 4:28:45 @ 2009 NYC Marathon (10:16 pace)
Sarah Palin - 3:59:36 @ Humpy's Marathon (9:09 pace)
Sean P. Diddy Combs - 4:14:54 @ 2003 NYC Marathon (9:44 pace)
Oprah Winfrey - 4:29:15 @ 1994 Marine Corps Marathon (10:17 pace)
Bill Rancic (you know, Giuliana's hubby) - 4:31:31 @ 2001 Chicago Marathon (10:19 pace)
Shia LaBeouf - 4:35 @ 2010 LA Marathon (10:30 pace)
Drew Carey - 4:37:11 @ 2011 Marine Corps Marathon (10:34 pace)
Al Gore - 4:54:25 @ 1997 Marine Corps Marathon (11:14 pace)
Katie Holmes - 5:29:58 @ 2007 NYC Marathon (12:36 pace)
Mario Lopez - 5:41:41 @ Boston Marathon (15:03 pace)
Al Roker - 7:09:44 @ 2010 NYC Marathon  (16:25 pace)
Kate Gosslin - 4:59:21 @ 2008 Las Vegas Rock 'n Roll (11:26 pace)

The HALF Marathon:
Apolo Ohno - 1:40:59 @ 2011 Chicago 1/2 Marathon (7:43 pace) (source)
Sarah Palin - 1:46:10 @ 2011 Storm Lake 1/2 Marathon (8:06 pace) (source)

Drew Carey - 1:50:46 @ 2011 Disneyland 1/2 Marathon (8:27 pace) (source)

Hugh Jackman - 2:05:52 @ 2011 NYC 1/2 Marathon (9:37 pace) (source)
Jennifer Love Hewitt - 3:09:13 @ 2010 Rock 'n Roll LA 1/2 Marathon (14:26 pace) (source)
Jennifer Love Hewitt & Alex Beh: Marathon Mates

Al Roker - 3:20:58 @ Rock 'n Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon (13:20 pace) (source)

I want to beat Sarah Palin.
So who do you want to beat??

One perk of a soon-to-be missionary:

Dallin:  *comes in wearing some cool white Nikes*
Christy:  Those are cool Nikes, huh boo. *Jabs Ben*
Ben:  Yeah.  . . .can I have em? *jokingly*
Dallin:  *stares for a second*
Dallin:  Sure.  *Takes of Nikes and Ben puts them on.*

Now Ben has some cool white Nikes.

Have a happy humpday!  I wonder what Dil is doing this very second.


  1. Me too to beating Sarah Pallin!! I'm very surprised George Bush's rime was so good. Interesting!!! And I would have thought Katie Holmes would have in faster!
    Singled your little bro is such a great guy!!! Good luck to him:)

  2. Great list! I'm shocked about Katie Holmes and Mario Lopez! I beat Oprah!!! ;) One day I will beat Sarah Palin!!

  3. AH ha ha! Gerge Bush beat Ryan Reynold's. If I am ever a celebrity, remind me never to run a marathon.

  4. Those celeb times were way interesting!