Happy Valentine's Day!!
This post really has nothing to do with the holiday. . .

I have finally taken my camera out to do some HDRs.  I had almost forgotten how.  haha!  There's a trend with all of my pictures of making them as bright and cheerful as possible.  Probably why I love HDRs.  They just make you happy.
 Below is the regular shot, or the "before," shot, if you will.  Boring as.  It's more of a "semi-happy" image.
Some others (I will have to take some with clouds, because clouds are cool looking):

The one below isn't even HDR!  I took it almost two years ago in Daybreak, (South Jordan?) Utah.  I love Daybreak.  It is so unique and colorful.
Is anybody so sad to hear about Olympian Pistorius, like I am?  I don't get it.  I loved watching him.  He was inspirational!  Now he's a murderer?

Have a great Valentine's Day!  We will be celebrating this weekend since tonight I have ballet.  :]

PS.  We received the first week's emails from Elder Hales.

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