Life is a Highway

There are less than two months until the SLC Marathon, which means 6 weeks of training and 2 weeks for taper for the 1/2.  I've struggled with my left hip and right shin, but it's looking up this week and I had a great track session on Tuesday night which boosted my confidence.

My long run is only 6.2 miles now, but I hope to do 8, 10, 12, 14, 8, 4 over the next 8 weeks, with one step back week mixed in there in the middle somewhere.  My legs are taking a long time in getting used to it, this time around.  I can't believe I still have right shin issues over a year later from when they began.

I took this picture last week.  I thought it'd turn out cooler, but it's still pretty sweet.  My Noosas.
Last weekend we celebrated Valentine's Day alongside the fact that we've been together for four years as of Wednesday, 2/20!  This time of year we always reminisce about those crazy days when we met.  I found the itinerary still in my inbox (yes I connected to Vegas and got a lot of crap for it- but it saved me $100!). 

The funny thing is my biggest fear upon meeting Ben was that he would have a high voice that would damage this "super hot" vision I had of him from Facebook.  Marriage has definitely given me a bigger perspective of the important things in life (hahaha), and I have grown up immensely.  (And no, no high voice if you're wondering.  lol)
Each year we combine the two celebrations and do something extra fun like go to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse!  It has the most delicious steaks on the planet, that you can easily cut with a butter knife.
Ben got me Valentine's Day flowers.  However, they arrived two days late.  Haha!  Don't order your flowers from 1-800-Flowers.  They get 0/5 stars and are super rude.

Saturday we got a refund and I still got free flowers and chocolates!  Free is excellent.  They are so pretty and for some reason I loved the chocolates more than I should have.
Ben bought me a new phone for Valentine's Day because I had to carry the charger around with my other one because it wasn't reliable.  He switched my phone service over to a new phone while I was at ballet that night.  I decided to stay an extra hour at ballet and sent him a text...

Well after 10pm I was leaving downtown Phoenix, and I tried to call Ben and realized my phone wasn't working.  Then I realized my text to him never went through and I started to panic because I knew he would be really worried after I didn't show up at home, and he couldn't reach me.  I tried calling him numerous times to no avail.  I had no idea what was going on with my phone, but I was able to call collect.  After a few minutes (of Ben typing in the credit card # to accept the call), he answered and had been outside for 30-45 minutes waiting for me in the street, worried like crazy.  So sad!!  So Valentine's Day was good, but ...not a particularly lucky day.
One of the biggest news as of late (well not new to the immediate family), my little brother came publicly out as a religious gay, thus choosing to live a celibate life, and his story has gone viral.
He has captured it in a clever video where he videoed our reactions.  You can visit his blog to see his video and story.  He is a courageous man and his main goal is to help others like him, regardless of any opposition that putting his story out there, would bring.

My brother rocks and has had so much support, it makes me so happy.  He is amazing.

My other little brother (I have two), made it to Tucson, Arizona, on Monday morning.  (He actually brought the snow with him, but that's a different story.)  His first area isn't even in Arizona at all, but New Mexico in a tiny, tiny town called Deming.
His blog is up to date with the latest news from Deming:

The picture below is Dallin and his girlfriend, Sister Palmer, both at the MTC at the same time.  She went to California.  They are cute.
Wednesday it snowed here.  Excuse me, correction, it GRAPPLED here.  Yeah, wtfreak is grapple.  It's like an icier version of snow or something.  Not hail, not sleet, and looks pretty much like snow.  (Who names these things. . .haboob, grapple. . .)
Anyways, it was pretty insane because people don't know how to drive in the snow because we don't get that here, so they were sliding all over the place and Ben saw a motorcycle slide in the slush and tip over.  It was like the headline story for three days, this storm.  People had enough to make

See... no exaggeration.  That is definitely snow.  Links for all the snow pictures from my favorite tv channel, MyFoxPhoenix (seriously, I watch them every morning and they are all my bffs, especially Rick.  I'm such a dork.  :P
I think that's all for now.  I hope you are having a great weekend!  I started this post daaaaays ago, so now it's time to get ready for Saturday date night at Sapporo!!  :]


  1. You are so tiny! That's so sad your sweet hubby was outside waiting and worrying! Good thing you got a new phone!

  2. Me and my husband got new phones also on Valentine's day because our service was crappy and there was a lot of times that we weren't get texts or phone calls either.

  3. I am really proud of your brother. He is a brave man and I really commend him for his honesty. I am sure he feels so much better now. Good luck to him!

    The steak looks so good. We eat there every once in a while for a special occasion. Your marathon is right around the corner. Have fun with your training!

  4. I looooooove reading your blog Christy and some of your sayings make me laugh. Thanks for being a sweetie! XO Mom Grapple??? WTH?

  5. First off, Happy Anniversary!! Funny you mention flowers were late, mine were too! But mine never came :( And I have had the same phone problems too! Yep, graupel and snow in phoenix, who knew?! P.S. Love your hair and outfit! You are too cute!

  6. Your brothers are all grown up! Such cuties. I remember them as tiny kids still. Also, good luck on the house!! it looks nice.