8 Things

8 Things I am Passionate About (in no particular order):
  • Music (favorite song)

  • Puppies /animals (favorite baby goat [LINK FIXED])

  • Ben my adorable husband!!

  • Shoes 

Justfab - Lille - Nude

  • Running

  • Candy
  • Religion/Beliefs (my sister's Youtube channel can be found here)

  • The great outdoors & the sky

  • Photography (or taking pictures...this is Taliesin West)

  • Family

  • Sleeping
  • Reading 
(current read)

8 Words or Phrases I Say Often:

I don't even know?... I'm boring I guess...

8 Things I want to do before I Die:

  • Become a morning runner/exerciser
  • Have a family
  • Buy a home (next week...weeee)
  • Find my competitive streak for running
  • Qualify for Boston (It is going to have to be at sea level on a cool, cloudy day, with a friend pacing me...)
Currently that would mean:
Female 18-34
    3hrs 35min 00sec

      • Complete a cd
      • Have a full time career again
      • Hmmm... idk?

      8 Things I Have Learned From my Past:
      • It is past.
      • Worrying doesn't change anything.
      • A lot can change in a short time.
      • If you don't like something, you can change it.
      • Moving away from my social circle made me realize I used to gossip a lot.  :/  I want to think I see a bigger picture than I used to, and it makes me want to be a better person now.
      • Caffeine is my amazing friend.
      • Shoes will always have a place in my heart, no matter where my priorities go.  lol
      • I'm easily content and pleased.  This is both good and bad.

      8 Places I Would Love to Go or See:

      • Bora Bora
      • China
      • Tropical place #2
      • Tropical place #3
      • Tropical place #4
      • Tropical place #5
      • Tropical place #6
      • Tropical place #7 (taking tropical recommendations)

      8 Things I Currently Need or Want:

      • My puppy to move to AZ
      • A Monster (definitely a need)
      • To be a morning person (this is just never going to happen)
      • Family to come visit
      • Patience for learning photography
      • Sprinkles cupcakes (plural)
      • Another favorite author that already has a lot of books out
      • Church to not be at 8:00am and 1/2 hour away (soon)

      That is all.  Feel free to join in.  Have a happy humpday.  :]

      A Utah Work Trip (aka meet my DOG)

      The past week I flew up to Utah to work from my office in SLC.  It was a super productive week, which is quite satisfying.  It was also pretty exhausting since my body thought I was getting up at 4:30 everyday, with the whole time change from here to there.  I can't believe I did the early morning thing for so many years.  Early mornings are for the birds. :P

      Monday morning I missed my flight.  :/  I got to the airport in plenty of time, but it was "Spring Break" so it took over an hour to check-in/luggage, and another half hour for security.

      I wanted to punch so many things when I literally RAN through the entire airport while Ben encouraged me "you got this, you totally got this runnnn," on my phone, arriving a whole minute after departure, a sweaty mess.  My flight was for 7:05, and the guy actually said, "I'm sorry ma'am, it's 7:06."  This below is my plane that they wouldn't let me on.  Rude.
      Three hours later, one person didn't show up after their last call... and I got that last (center in the back row) seat.  Paying it forward.  :]
      I stayed with my dad and my dog, Rykar, and it was such a fun time.  It reminded me of college days, or the days when Ben and I did long distance.  I wish Ben could come on work trips.

      Rykar's an Italian Greyhound (which is why he's so skinny and frail looking).  He'll be turning 10 this summer, and hopefully he'll be in Arizona by then.  Currently the plan is to meet my dad in Vegas/St. George one weekend to pick him up.  I would've flown him here with me, but I think he'd wig out on a plane because he's kind of tall to fit under the seat of an airplane, comfortably.  

      Meet Rykar...(Cute pics from throughout the week.)
      I often find my pup chillin' under the piano.  If you start to walk to the piano, his tail goes crazy because he thinks it's duet time.  He's so cute.
      One of a million videos I have taken of him singing his favorite song.
      If you haven't had enough, this is the video my brother made on his YouTube channel:

      I got to see all my Utah family during the week, which is a huge bonus.  My dad and I used to eat at Royal Jade all the time as a daddy-daughter date, and get the "Seafood & Chicken Soup for 2."
      The fam had sushi at Happy Sumo.  It's funny because James and my mom (and Jolie) are a lot alike, and my dad and I (and Dallin) are a lot alike.  In fact, those three and us three look the most alike, too.  A random fact for ya.
      My mom also took me to Kim Long's to get my favorite PHO (Christmas in a bowl).
      Friday we work half days, so I got to spend the afternoon with my mom and brother, shopping.  Family is the best.
      Coming home was pretty adventurous (story for another time, it's our bedtime).  I couldn't get through security and then my flight was canceled.  But I eventually made it home.

      That's all.  Have a lovely last week of March.  <4 weeks until SLC.  Still time to do the 5k if anything (JAMES).  We'll both be back up in Utah for that one!

      Quick House Update - Hooray!!

      I don't want to jinx ourselves, but we're actually set to close on this thing!  Our original closing date was Good Friday next week, but we think it'll be postponed to the beginning of April.  We are anxious to get going, but we had to give 60 days notice where we live, so the longer we can hold out the better so we don't have to pay a mortgage + rent.

      We had two appraisals done on the house, and they were within 3k of each other which is great, and they both came in around what we were expecting.  We still had to wait a few stressful weeks to hear back that Fannie Mae would come down to appraisal price, all after we spent money on our inspections and appraisals that had to be done during the 10 day inspection period.  That was such a happy phone call to receive!

      I'm kind of a humongous dork and pretend I'm on "Property Brothers" sometimes (my favorite show :P ).  Ben and I like black, white, gray and modern.  Imagine solid wall colors, not wall-paper texture.
      (The yellow walls cast yellow shadows everywhere. . .)
      We'll probably go with tan so we don't have to replace the flooring throughout the house.  If we stay long term, perhaps we'll change it completely in the future.  Overall, it's just going to be fun.  Just like Photoshop.

      Inspection Friday 3/1:
      Good news is the sellers are required to fill the pool before we can close.  First to clean it...

      Meanwhile I'm up in Utah working in my office up here for the week.  I sure am enjoying seeing my family and friends, but I sure miss mister Ben.  This is deja vu to the days we did long distance!  I know one being who is so excited I'm home:
      Anyways, have a happy Wednesday!

      A Day in Arizona!

      We booked our flights for SLC!!  We're pretty stoked.  It's so much fun to run a race with the family.  They re-routed the race this year which avoids the long 1-1/2 to 2 mile hill at the very end, but that also means we don't run by Temple Square or the new City Creek anymore (or even Gateway), which is a huge bummer.  Last year I enjoyed that last miserably hilly stretch, super slow pace and all, because I loved the surroundings.  I'm sure the race will be fantastic either way though (minus the high elevation :P).
      Last week it was eight miles, this week we'll hit the double digits.  Been awhile since I've done a double digit run.  Last week it was also a high of 60+clouds, this weekend it'll be 90+sun!  Crazy weather.
      My brother, James/Jimmy, came to visit for a couple days.  He's never been to Phoenix, so that was fun for us!  We went out to shoot our/(Ben's) new MP 1522.  I have never shot anything like it, so it was intense.  (James....remember your old blog?)
      James was fascinated with the cact....i, too.  They are awesome.
      Brothers.  Joe is younger (hitting the dirty 30 next month).
      I took James around on Monday afternoon too.  We started of at the MIM, the Musical Instrument Museum.  It was pretty awesome.  There are some straannnge instruments out there.  My favorite were the different organs, the Steinway pianos and the discovery room where we got to actually try some of the instruments out (even a GONG)!

      James loved anything Beatles related.  He's on a Beatles kick. This is John Lennon's piano (below).
      The drum below is from the 2008 Olympic opening ceremonies in China.  There were a TON of these drums during the ceremony performance if anybody remembers.  (James loves China.  He's moving there for work, in May, until fall.)
      Ben served his mission in Micronesia Guam, on a tiny island called Kosrae.
      Creepy. . .
      I wish you could have heard my amazing rendition of Jingle Bells...
      It may appear that our photography skills are lacking, but really we just take music seriously (read: eyes closed).
      There was a piano in the lobby that had a sign for anybody to play, so James played it and I videoed.  I will post it soon.  The old people gave him cheers.  :)

      Next things next, I took him to Old Town Scottsdale.  He really liked it around there.  "I feel like I'm at the beach!  Well minus the ocean!"  Haha.  We ate at Ra Sushi for their happy hour.
      Next we wandered the streets of downtown Phoenix.  Aside from baseball games, events, Ben and I haven't explored downtown.  This was nearly a first, and James and I were surprised because there were no people around!  Even during rush hour, it was still really quiet.  We mostly wandered ASU's Phoenix campus, which it's Spring Break, but still...  But it was pretty down there.
      Funny... James set up the camera across this pond, to take a timed shot.  He had to run clear around the outside of the pond to get to me and barely made it.  People were wondering what the commotion was when we were dying laughing.  But SUCCESS!
      The trip was short, but it was a blast!!  Thanks for the visit, James.  Hopefully you can come again soon!!  (Mom, we missed you!)

      Have a nice rest of the week!  We are at 89 degrees today.  Our average is "75" for this time of year, but I think I speak for all when I say the cold weather may finally be behind us!

      PS. Elder Hales' blog is up to date with a ton of pictures.  He's been out 5 weeks!

      P.P.S.  5+ weeks to SLC.  Not too late to do the 1/2, or at least the 5k.

      P.P.P.S.  Don't invest your time in a short sale.  More on that later.