A Day in Arizona!

We booked our flights for SLC!!  We're pretty stoked.  It's so much fun to run a race with the family.  They re-routed the race this year which avoids the long 1-1/2 to 2 mile hill at the very end, but that also means we don't run by Temple Square or the new City Creek anymore (or even Gateway), which is a huge bummer.  Last year I enjoyed that last miserably hilly stretch, super slow pace and all, because I loved the surroundings.  I'm sure the race will be fantastic either way though (minus the high elevation :P).
Last week it was eight miles, this week we'll hit the double digits.  Been awhile since I've done a double digit run.  Last week it was also a high of 60+clouds, this weekend it'll be 90+sun!  Crazy weather.
My brother, James/Jimmy, came to visit for a couple days.  He's never been to Phoenix, so that was fun for us!  We went out to shoot our/(Ben's) new MP 1522.  I have never shot anything like it, so it was intense.  (James....remember your old blog?)
James was fascinated with the cact....i, too.  They are awesome.
Brothers.  Joe is younger (hitting the dirty 30 next month).
I took James around on Monday afternoon too.  We started of at the MIM, the Musical Instrument Museum.  It was pretty awesome.  There are some straannnge instruments out there.  My favorite were the different organs, the Steinway pianos and the discovery room where we got to actually try some of the instruments out (even a GONG)!

James loved anything Beatles related.  He's on a Beatles kick. This is John Lennon's piano (below).
The drum below is from the 2008 Olympic opening ceremonies in China.  There were a TON of these drums during the ceremony performance if anybody remembers.  (James loves China.  He's moving there for work, in May, until fall.)
Ben served his mission in Micronesia Guam, on a tiny island called Kosrae.
Creepy. . .
I wish you could have heard my amazing rendition of Jingle Bells...
It may appear that our photography skills are lacking, but really we just take music seriously (read: eyes closed).
There was a piano in the lobby that had a sign for anybody to play, so James played it and I videoed.  I will post it soon.  The old people gave him cheers.  :)

Next things next, I took him to Old Town Scottsdale.  He really liked it around there.  "I feel like I'm at the beach!  Well minus the ocean!"  Haha.  We ate at Ra Sushi for their happy hour.
Next we wandered the streets of downtown Phoenix.  Aside from baseball games, events, Ben and I haven't explored downtown.  This was nearly a first, and James and I were surprised because there were no people around!  Even during rush hour, it was still really quiet.  We mostly wandered ASU's Phoenix campus, which it's Spring Break, but still...  But it was pretty down there.
Funny... James set up the camera across this pond, to take a timed shot.  He had to run clear around the outside of the pond to get to me and barely made it.  People were wondering what the commotion was when we were dying laughing.  But SUCCESS!
The trip was short, but it was a blast!!  Thanks for the visit, James.  Hopefully you can come again soon!!  (Mom, we missed you!)

Have a nice rest of the week!  We are at 89 degrees today.  Our average is "75" for this time of year, but I think I speak for all when I say the cold weather may finally be behind us!

PS. Elder Hales' blog is up to date with a ton of pictures.  He's been out 5 weeks!

P.P.S.  5+ weeks to SLC.  Not too late to do the 1/2, or at least the 5k.

P.P.P.S.  Don't invest your time in a short sale.  More on that later.


  1. Looks like a wonderful time!!! A co-worker of mine bought a house in November and they just finished all documents last weekend. They will close on the 28th of March. HAng in there!!

  2. Cute short hair!! And girl, your legs are so long, or you have some tall heals on. Good luck in SLC, wish I was doing that one. Looks like you had fun with the brother :)

  3. I will have to check out that museum. You should try the Steinway at the Riordan Mansion in Flagstaff if you can. It's over 100 years old and AMAZING!