A Utah Work Trip (aka meet my DOG)

The past week I flew up to Utah to work from my office in SLC.  It was a super productive week, which is quite satisfying.  It was also pretty exhausting since my body thought I was getting up at 4:30 everyday, with the whole time change from here to there.  I can't believe I did the early morning thing for so many years.  Early mornings are for the birds. :P

Monday morning I missed my flight.  :/  I got to the airport in plenty of time, but it was "Spring Break" so it took over an hour to check-in/luggage, and another half hour for security.

I wanted to punch so many things when I literally RAN through the entire airport while Ben encouraged me "you got this, you totally got this runnnn," on my phone, arriving a whole minute after departure, a sweaty mess.  My flight was for 7:05, and the guy actually said, "I'm sorry ma'am, it's 7:06."  This below is my plane that they wouldn't let me on.  Rude.
Three hours later, one person didn't show up after their last call... and I got that last (center in the back row) seat.  Paying it forward.  :]
I stayed with my dad and my dog, Rykar, and it was such a fun time.  It reminded me of college days, or the days when Ben and I did long distance.  I wish Ben could come on work trips.

Rykar's an Italian Greyhound (which is why he's so skinny and frail looking).  He'll be turning 10 this summer, and hopefully he'll be in Arizona by then.  Currently the plan is to meet my dad in Vegas/St. George one weekend to pick him up.  I would've flown him here with me, but I think he'd wig out on a plane because he's kind of tall to fit under the seat of an airplane, comfortably.  

Meet Rykar...(Cute pics from throughout the week.)
I often find my pup chillin' under the piano.  If you start to walk to the piano, his tail goes crazy because he thinks it's duet time.  He's so cute.
One of a million videos I have taken of him singing his favorite song.
If you haven't had enough, this is the video my brother made on his YouTube channel:

I got to see all my Utah family during the week, which is a huge bonus.  My dad and I used to eat at Royal Jade all the time as a daddy-daughter date, and get the "Seafood & Chicken Soup for 2."
The fam had sushi at Happy Sumo.  It's funny because James and my mom (and Jolie) are a lot alike, and my dad and I (and Dallin) are a lot alike.  In fact, those three and us three look the most alike, too.  A random fact for ya.
My mom also took me to Kim Long's to get my favorite PHO (Christmas in a bowl).
Friday we work half days, so I got to spend the afternoon with my mom and brother, shopping.  Family is the best.
Coming home was pretty adventurous (story for another time, it's our bedtime).  I couldn't get through security and then my flight was canceled.  But I eventually made it home.

That's all.  Have a lovely last week of March.  <4 weeks until SLC.  Still time to do the 5k if anything (JAMES).  We'll both be back up in Utah for that one!


  1. Congrats on the house...that is so exciting!!! Looks like you had a fun/quick trip last week. I'd love to get together if you have time when you're in town next. :)

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww your doggie is ssooooo cute!!!

  3. Your dog is super cute! Love the one of him in the blanket. Thanks for your comment. I'll be posting a tutorial sometime next week, but I'm wearing the Maybelline color tattoo in electric blue, and the naked 1 palette, with falsies and maybelline gel liner (: